In the meantime, outside the palace walls, the poor White Duck swam up and down the pond.

I hit him.

She scarcely goes out except on business.

The truth is that I lied.

You must plug in the connector first.

She ordered the book from England.


It is regrettable that young Japanese today should show little interest in the traditional culture of their country.


He studies Chinese too.

The next convention will take place on Wednesday two weeks from now.

Have any of you ever seen something like this before?


However, no one was able to help me.

That's why I told you about this.

I found her alone in the wood, and brought her back with me for a companion. You will let her stay?

May I go to the river?

They were very popular.

Remember that you are dust.

Call Jianyun this evening.

Raise your hand and ask for permission if you need to leave the classroom.

Martin thinks his passport has been stolen.

Religions are the biggest lie ever told.

The police are acting on information received.

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There was a mad rush toward the exit.

I know what I'd like to believe.

Our wedding anniversary is coming soon.

Some people stared at me awkwardly.

I know that this is weird.

Will you mail this letter by airmail?

Toerless is thrilled.

I spoke French to them.

She dropped in at my house yesterday.

My toes are numb.

Sanjeev wanted to talk to Emmett before she left.

We're too old.

Can we get help?

I blanched.

I sometimes wonder if it's truly for the best.

The conductor challenges the interpreter.

Let me play the next game.

He's a model.

I am not myself, my usual self having caught a cold.


She became Mother Teresa years later when she founded the Missionaries of Charity.

Jerrie is the country's foremost expert on the conflict in Syria.

I have a funny feeling.

But somehow, he managed to stagger to the doors.

Francois probably wants to eat some Chinese food.

Sangho can't afford bail.

His roof was damaged.


I don't know how much more I can stand.

Today, I'm busy getting ready for my trip.

Diane cut the cake in half.

The government lifted price controls.

Pack and get dressed before your parents hear us.

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I knew this day was going to come.

I think Spencer has been up to something.

I can understand everything he is saying.

Jacques didn't ring me like he said he would.

Amarth has a toothache.

Nobody does that.

Don't drive under the influence of drink.

No one feels displeased when he is praised.

I am your only hope, captain. If you don't do as I say, you and your crew will perish.

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It's important for us to think about the future of the world.

Don't leave me alone here.

A manifold is like a three-layer cake: on the bottom, a set; in the middle, a topology; on top, an atlas.

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I understand the words but not the meaning.

After I write the letter, I'll mail it in a mailbox.

It seems, from books, that the colonizers and adventurers went sailing off to a new fine life, a new country, opportunities, and so forth.

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Bears are quite dangerous.


Dana doesn't know if he has enough money to buy school supplies.

You're going to a movie?

I will be traveling in Europe for two months.

I have had no news from him yet.

The dog is smart.


We'll just have to wait till then.


I'm so disappointed in him.

When he learned the details of the circumstances, his laugh disappeared.

He is riding for a fall.


I call her every evening.

Kiss me.

I wanted to surprise Brent.

Israel is a woman who inspires awe in all who meet her.

I had a nice time.


I am not a morning person.


I don't think my life is boring.

Julianto and Juha have one daughter and two sons.

She is at home in English.


Shutoku always wants to do things his own way.


Ritalynne crossed the lawn to the front door.

It's for your protection.

It's just so frustrating.

Vicky will want to know how you're doing.

The tongue of a cat feels rough.

I want to be what you want me to be.

Would you get me a glass of water?

I suppose I could wait a little longer.

They disappeared.

I walked around in the field.

I was hoping Knudsen could lend me some money.

We'll release the final agenda on the morning of Monday, January 20, so please reply quickly.

That was taken out of context.

He volunteered to help her.

Barbra is probably going to agree.

I'm begging you, before freaking out on me listen to the end of what I have to say.

George is poor, but he's always happy.

How far are we from the airport?

I think I know what happened to Wolf.

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Have a nice day, Antonio.


Nadeem had a conversation with Arthur.


Help yourself, please.


Have we understood each other?


The dynamite went off with a bang.

People really feared him.

Prostitution is legal in most of Nevada.

Stand up straight. Slouching is bad for you.

Denis and Shahid don't have much.

What would've happened if Leigh had come?

Did you read the whole book?


What can I say? I'm a bad mammer jammer.

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Do you want to press charges?

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I don't know how to do that.

George Washington was born on 22nd February 1732.

I like the green colour.


This photo is taken in the right moment.


You look perfect.

So far, we only have three volunteers.

There have been no problems so far.

This car belongs to him.

She hasn't been married long.

It's one of mine.

Think is a freak of nature.

Does Blair have ponytail?

Have you finished your share of the work?

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Without your help I would have had no success.

I meant everything I said.

They say whatever will get them the most votes.


Start at once, and you will be in time.

David is losing his battle with cancer.

You are my daughter.

We were just going to get to know each other.

Once upon a time I used to love you, and no matter what, you will always be a part of my life.

I think that for many people learning the trigonometric functions is meaningless.

Dory knows who did this.

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Kyoto is most crowded when it is extremely beautiful.

My back is full of knots.

These cookies are star-shaped.

They live in our block.

I can't let you in there.

The glider soared high into the air.

The flowers will brighten up the table.


I spilled my coffee on the carpet.

Raanan walked into the room, carrying a bouqet of flowers.

I don't want to drink anything cold.

I don't know what you're complaining about.

I would rather die than do such a thing.


He looks very down-at-the-heels.


The ship swayed in the strong wind.

Make it a little bigger.

Cole has a hidden agenda.

That you should be stalking Hanako! You'd been quiet recently so I'd let my guard down.

I saw five men.

Nobody has Internet in my country.

My sister is 10 centimetres taller than I am.


I'll never forget the sound the crash made.

She loves him now more than she did before.

By the way, what happened to the money I lent you?