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I didn't know that they did things like that.

I leave motivated by computer gaming and sleeping with my beloved.

I am good.


She wrote me a long letter.

The snow was falling quickly.

Jack doesn't like Camembert at all.


I don't happen to have your application on hand at the moment.


When was the last time you made Marcos cry?

She lost count.

Does school start at eight-thirty?

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Andreas seemed surprised by the question.

His brother works for a trading company.

I associate it with this.

Put down that pen.

I didn't promise anything like that.

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I stayed up late last night.

They knew that he did it but they couldn't prove it.

I joined a Spanish course. It starts next week.

Just get out of here, OK?

It's not a question of increasing taxes, but of finding other solutions.

Olson cried out for help.

Tell them to do it now.

Do Tatoeba contributors sleep?

I baited the hook for you.

The boy is eating bread.

She only buys second-hand clothing.

As a proud new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.

I want a raccoon.

My brother takes good care of his belongings.

The girl noticed someone go out of the door.


I need solid proof.

We could not but admire his courage.

Cut the daikon radish and carrot into quarter slices and cut the other vegetables into bite-size pieces.


I enjoyed working with them.

It is the love that covers a multitude of sins.

I call her very often.


It will take an act of Congress to change that law.

I think Marcel has been very lucky.

I have to renew my passport.

I can prove Rathnakumar did it.

I was called in for jury this morning, and I actually have to serve on a case.


It's very unlikely that Perry will come.

He makes it a habit to keep good hours.

You are unbelievably naive.

Has she come?

If "internationalization" means putting every little thing into English, then I think "internationalization" is a load of shit.

I know a girl who can ride a unicycle.

Alex goes jogging in the park every morning.

Debi has other things on his mind right now.

She can't make that decision.


Butler and Johan sit next to one another in science class.

It is rude to talk when your mouth is full.

I don't want you to go alone; this is final.

To my surprise, the door was open.

Do you want some cheese?

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The party went to China by sea.

I can't imagine what Kriton sees in Wilmer.

They even paid up front with a crazy bonus.

Shiva Nazi doesn't have any photos yet.

She is not so insensitive a girl as to laugh at a funeral.

Scott didn't seem to be very happy.

Don't you have a sense of justice?

Sandeep said that he would depart soon.

Women are more complicated than men.

I just want to do something fun.

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.

Boyd is obviously a little upset.

Cut the cloth diagonally.


I might have already seen this film, but I don't remember any of it!

I think that's what you should be worried about.

Vern and Amy married when they were still young.

The building collapsed in the earthquake.

Why do you hate me so much?


I know you probably don't want to go.

He might have missed the last train.

We get along famously.


There are no white-winged Diuca finches in the Arctic.


How much do ten paper plates cost?

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I regret that I couldn't go with her.

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Why is everyone so mean to me?

It was just one kiss.

One of her three cars is blue and the others are red.

I shone a flashlight into the dark room.

The moon is in the sky.


You can not wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.


You can see from his chin that takes after his father.

I feel sorry for Eli's family.

I'll look after your dog while you're away.

He thinks it's a waste of time.

Piet knows what he likes.


Srinivas stopped talking when Celia entered the room.

No one pays attention to him.

There's no need to worry about Joni.

I had to trust Betsy.

Ron has sense enough to stay out of trouble.


In the amusement park Russell found a boy on his own weeping, and spoke to him gently. "Hey, sonny, what is it? Are you lost? Would you like me to take you to the Lost Children Department?"

This chair is quite rickety when you sit on it. Should I fix it or buy a new one?

What was Randal describing?


Kari dares not tell Mrs. White the truth.

I don't think Christina is going to want to do that.

The style is nice, but do you have it in a different color?

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I don't know what we can do to stop it.

I can't find the waistcoat of my three piece suit.

We have lots of work to do.

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He told me that his father's a teacher.


Everyone's very excited.

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Great was her joy when her son returned back safely.

His new girlfriend looks attractive, but she's unfortunately very stupid.

You didn't have to hide from me.


He's addicted to junk food.


Hitoshi was there that night.


Because he is old, he, too, has grown weak.


She disappeared two days ago.

Rajiv isn't that far away.

Many people were there.

Ronald is a regular.

We'll call you later.

First, let's talk about Kamiya.

He must not live.

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This is urgent.

The remark was aimed at you.

Get yourself cleaned up.

I was told my tear duct was blocked.

I want you to ride with Dennis.


He worked hard lest he should fail.

With the release of Skype, studying languages has become easier.

God knows what their fate will be.

I think Pam was supposed to be here.

Why would anybody kidnap me?

Brendan suspected Miriam was kidding.

He was no better than a yes-man.


He brought it up first, but he didn't show up. What's going on?


I bought some tennis balls.

I'm sure they'll win.

It's hard, but I'm going to make it!

"Hrmm," mumbled Professor Takeda as he twisted his moustache.

You should suggest something like these to Jacobson.

I don't want to wait for Nancy.

Please don't tell anyone else.

Another step, and you will fall down the precipice.

He doesn't have any common sense.

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Just tell me where I can find Hughes.

Biodynamic farmers plant according to the moon phases.

Rolf didn't want to eat and Pravin couldn't persuade him to.


I don't know why it didn't work.

I laugh when people mess up.

The others are leaving. What do you say we wait for them to go away and talk for a while?

I can't do this on my own.

Hurf thought Hal was probably about thirty.

"Are you still cold," she asked, as she kissed him on the forehead.

There are various actions in conversations.


I think we should keep this a secret.

Jones called to say he can't come to help.

When was the last time you saw your children?

He asked me to write him a love letter in Arabic.

I don't care where Allan goes.

Do you think you can do that for us?

Science, my lad, is made out of errors, but of good ones, for they bring step by step closer to the truth.

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I didn't think that was any fun.


How did you celebrate your birthday?