Don't blame this mistake on Shai.

The probability of this chain of events all happening at once is one in 2 million flights - about once every two months at current levels of air traffic.


Donn is still passed out on the couch.


They have formed their own nationwide association, the American Association of Retired Persons.


Would you like to have a bath before going to bed?

I know where you can find him.

Why didn't Hal stop?

Harvey isn't afraid of us.

Do you have a showroom for your products in the city?

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During one session of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, an average of eight laws are adopted.


You picked a bad time to come visit.


I've offended you.


None of Kazuhiro's friends knew where he lived.

What else have you lied to me about?

Kirsten speaks highly of you.


They aren't afraid of death.

She is not pretty, to be sure, but she is very clever.

It's his weak spot.

Thank God you found me.

I'm ready to leave now.


We would like to eat. Could you serve us expressly? We need to be on our way before half past one.

I go to the movies once in a while.

One cannot learn a language without being in touch with the language.

I'm looking for a native speaker who could help me correct this essay.

Dirk sprinkled ashes on the icy sidewalk.

That's sweet of you to say.

That isn't what I meant.

He couldn't bear to be apart from her.

I'll see if Hiroyuki has enough money.

That is why she didn't want to be with him any more.

I bumped into Phillip the other night.

I enjoy climbing trees every once in a while.

I promise to return this videotape within a week.

Have a doughnut.

Are you telling me to stop?


I saw you in the strip club the day before yesterday.

Aaron isn't very talented.

Do you want anything?

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I remember them.

Can I have a second?

She bore herself gracefully.

I'll have to work harder on my Japanese studies.

I took her for an American.

She is gracious to everyone.

Bjorne doesn't think Holly will ever come back to Boston.


I'll be heading back home now.

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It's me that went there yesterday.

Run fast!

Gypsy was beaten by his father.

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I'm on a really tight schedule this week.

There are three more pictures of Mick in another folder.

Give me the sword.


I'll see you down at the beach.


In Harbin, many people invite me to their homes to have dinner.

Are we almost there?

The German government mustn't help them.

She sat next to him and listened quietly.

It happened right here three years and four days ago.

I wish I had learned French when I was a kid.

Birds were singing in the woods.


Maybe I'll bring him.


I married a Polish woman.

Long before the sun rose, the birds had arrived at the feeder.

Chip won't help you, you know.


I'm afraid Tuan doesn't want to talk to you.

What time will Damon be arriving?

I think that she won't come.

You know what, Monty, you may be right.

We made a promise to meet the next week.

Who was the thief?

If it weren't for my advice, you would have failed.

Did you just call me Seenu?

Come over here and join us.

Sign here.

I think Andrea wants Rogue's job.


Shutoku asked Knapper to help him clean his office.


If Denis goes, I will, too.


Please show me your driver's license.

They boy and the girl felt awkward after they confessed their love for each other.

Alberto and Doug were the only ones who were saved.

I don't think Olivier is the one who needs help.

Inhaling concentrated acetic acid can harm your lungs.

John is senior to Robert.

I still enjoy that.


She received her friends without fuss.

I thought Ricardo would be grateful.

We don't even know if it's true.

A mother must protect her child's teeth from decay.

I would like to pay with cash.

Tell them I need some money.

I thought Lynne would stop by to check on our progress.

Should we tell him?

It was not in his nature to speak ill of others.

What've you done to her?

Let's go grab a burger or something.

That's a huge cost savings.

She was at a loss for words.


What is that greasy stuff on your shirt?

How come we're not doing better?

In all my travels I've never seen a more beautiful mountain than Everest.

Urs comes from another dimension.

We ascertained that the people of Vileika are known for their hospitality for a good reason.

We still need Mahesh's help.

I'd like Pat to take me home.

Did you hear it?

He never speaks of the accident.

They were married.

Most accidents, after all, happen around the corner, not in the rainforest.


How could it not bother you?

Order has been restored.

Major knows Kanthan.


I wish I could cook as well as Shari does.

Books are the offspring of one's mind.

This is so exciting.

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Novorolsky stammered.


More often than not, he had to go in person.

The Linux kernel is monolithic.

In his youth, he had shown great promise.

He leads you by the nose if you let him.

Renu walked down the path, whistling a happy tune.


I lost sight of him on the way.

The student handed the examination papers in to the teacher.

I'm sorry if I startled you.

Are you prepared to switch from a wooden floor to ceramic tiles?

Even I was impressed with Theo's singing.

She was heard to cry for help.

I think about it all the time.

The discovery that electric currents can be produced by magnetism is extremely important in the field of electricity.

I live in this area.

Let me take care of that for you.

It wasn't all my fault.


He denied knowing anything about their plans.

Issue this order to your employees.

Naomi didn't want Eric to suffer.


I want everyone to remain calm.


I am the fastest runner.

The stain that was removed was still visible on the skirt.

Let's go out on the balcony.


They're seeing each other secretly.


The world will be what you're going to see it.

He demanded that we leave at once.

We've corrected the situation.

You can talk to her.

He had his tonsils removed because they would get inflamed too often.

I spilled one.

I think about Sharon often.


I didn't tell you everything.

You are very rich.

Does he live in the same apartment building?

She cried out the moment she saw her mother.

Cole is unconvinced.

Stratford-on-Avon, where Shakespeare was born, is visited by many tourists every year.

We have a book.

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Michel was speaking to some neighbors.

What are you going to use this car for?

Dwayne took another step.


I passed the examination, and I'm going to be an honor student.

I love kids.

The teachers' room and the gym are under renovation.

Prakash and Noam rarely go out together.

Did I say something I shouldn't have?

The Earth's magnetic field traps the charged particles which are hurled at the Earth by the Sun during solar wind activity. When these charged particles react with the gases in our atmosphere, the gases begin to glow. These aurorae, or glowing gases, are seen in the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle.

We have to leave immediately.