I got my meter repaired.


It is no longer customary.

Scott put the knife down on the kitchen table.

I have had several occasions for speaking English.

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Nobody lives with me.


I suddenly stood up and felt faint and light-headed.

We may even want to stay for another day or two.

Spyros's pitching was outstanding.

It takes more than a day to master a trade.

She is in bed with a cold.

Last year they built a summer house.

What do people usually do around here after work?

The bill passed both Houses.

Scot really wants to go to Boston.

Did I miss something this morning?

I think he is planning something.

Have you got something to crack these nuts?

Claude had a happy childhood.

What's in the garage?

Carisa died a few years later.

I have sinus trouble.

The consumer price index has been fluctuating wildly.

He had no hat on.

I'll be happy to help you look for an apartment.


There's a lot of tension in this room.


We wish you luck.

I'd better get back to work now.

I nearly had a heart attack.

I don't have a choice. I have to do it.

This river is going to overflow.


Rusty has hair down to his shoulders.

Meat and eggs have a lot of protein.

This isn't a government project.

I've been married for three years.

He can speak French.

They drove a tunnel through the hill.

Knute is disgusted.


The school is crying out for good teachers.

I had enjoyed some tennis.

Nate is learning.

Never try to be someone else, there is no better than you.

Do you ever think about the meaning of life?

Once upon a time I used to love you, and no matter what, you will always be a part of my life.

You should relax a little.

She selected a blue dress from the wardrobe.

Did you know he bought a condominium?

Bobby McFerrin and Yo-yo Ma played some famous duets.

He knows how to cook meat.

She finished her work an hour in advance.

I'm making popcorn. Do you want some?

To save your credit, you must conceal your loss.

We can't help them with that.

Jelske likes anything sweet.

Did you ever think you'd see Nicholas doing something like that?

He cried out for help.

How many colours are there?

You said Elias loved his son.

Given her inexperience, she has done well.

Herve came up with some pretty good ideas.

You said you'd help him.


Beverly said he wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor.

We've decided to hire her.

I can feel it in my gut.

Don't make it cheap.

Real friends stick together through thick and thin.

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That naughty boy annoys me by his pranks.

Lawrence wanted to buy that book and give it to Randell.

Let's switch to French.

Sherri gave Ann a push.

I didn't ask you not to do that.


Piet and Terry are sitting together.


I enjoy reading, cuddling by the fireplace and slow dancing.

Tracy didn't frighten me.

We aren't due to arrive for three days.

The engines are very cheap.

Jeffrey says that he always enjoys playing cards with Harmon.


Use your own judgment.

Can I ask what you're doing here?

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.

Most important is that you think for yourself.

We've solved a lot of problems today.

We've been doing this for years.

Did I ask you?

Christie shouted to Jarvis.

He has begun a boat trip around the world.

Do you want children?

He wouldn't let anyone interfere in his personal affairs.


Your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Say that's not true.

We're not doing anything now.


I haven't spoken with Ralf since he got married.

Just as food feeds the body, so reading feeds the mind.

Can I walk down here?

What can we possibly give Venkata?

What do you love supremely, far and away more than anything else?

He was eating a sandwich.

Fish stocks are declining due to over-protection of whales, so fish that whales can eat should also be protected.

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She doesn't look happy.

"I am sorry to contradict my famous friend and colleague," said the Owl, "but as far as I'm concerned, I think that when the dead weep, it means they do not want to die."

Nothing has been finalized.

A teacher was advised to him.

How many people are now living in poverty?

There is an urgent need for a new policy.

We lived in the country for many years.

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I'm here to pick up the product I ordered.

The walls were hung with some pictures.

We asked everybody to leave.


I haven't seen Vinod since his birthday.

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Which car is less crowded?

What can you do for Pratapwant?

Toufic drew a circle in the sand with a stick.

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I can explain.

It's important to back up claims with evidence.

She was very excited when she won.

Please draw a hundred thousand yen from the bank.

Don't you think Stewart is scared, too?

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of murder.

He said that everything would turn out well.

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Is the festival free?

You didn't have to leave.

We have no objection to doing that.

This car was ours. Now it is theirs.

What do you think he has in mind?

He wanted to reduce the tax on imports.

Come on, make a move!

I usually never finish reading books that I find boring.

I feel very sick.


What is the depth of the lake?

You had better send for the doctor at once.

He can rot in hell.

Hey, how do you get this thing open?

He has come!


What do you do with your clothes when they are worn out?


All the passengers were killed in the airplane crash.

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The monster of antisemitism is still among us.

I can not comply with your request.

Is that the map that Ron gave you?

It's nothing serious.

Stop singing.

I'm choking!

The nightmare is finally over.


Hurry up, or we'll miss the train.

Win sat alone at a table near the window.

He and a colleague who went to China later translated The New Testament into Chinese.

NASA's first spacesuits were developed for the Mercury program.

Let's get busy.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

I will not be able to pick up Shigemi at the kindergarten.

If you had missed that bus, you might not be here now.

He seems to know what he's doing.

You told me you could handle it.

The boy was admitted to the school.

I doubt that Marcos is guilty.

Good health is the most valuable of all things.

Look above that building.

Who kissed you?


They'll finish this another day.


She reads.


That's a happy thought.

I love to travel.

But when the pharaoh announced his intention to go out into the garden, they did not object.

I need someone to hold me.

Have you given it any more thought?

Peter hopes you're able to attend his party.

Let's start the week with a good swim!


You have everything you want, don't you?

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He is away from home.

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In the first place, we must be careful about what we eat and drink.