That way if there are any fire drills in the morning I can deal with before the call.

Are you handicapped?

I need to know more about Bryce.

He was so happy he did a little dance.

Liber isn't the only one who wants to order a pizza.


Tricia isn't going to lose.


I think we should be allowed to go anywhere we want.

Come on then, lets have a fight!

Bring your friends with you.

I'll tell you if I find anything.

Give him back the ball!

With all his money, he is not happy.

I am to meet her at five at the station.


Jingbai thought that Herman would like this movie.


It is a film for adults, not for children.

It's really classy.

Darrell has a diplomatic passport.


I heard that you bought a house in Boston.

These clothes suit young people well.

They need daily care.

What's Kelvin doing over there?

Thanks for the compliment.

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You're so late.

The new production process achieves a high yield.

Don't go through the lobby.

Juergen isn't what he seems.

I knew that he lies.


Have you eaten a banana pie?

The opposite sides of a parallelogram are parallel.

In a crowded bus the young should offer their seats to the old.


Don't chew with your mouth open.

Can we talk about this later?

Ten thousand sentences in Lojban are on Tatoeba.

He deeply regretted this loss.

The shop is open all day.

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Failing the exam was a sore point that he did not like to talk about.


Byron offered Ralph a donut.


You shouldn't still be alive.

Please don't make noise.

I decided I'd take a chance.

I don't want to scare you.

It was touch and go whether he would survive.

Would you mind taking this book back to the library?

Shawn got blamed even though it wasn't his fault.

Life is more and more expensive.

How do I explain that to him?

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I can hide anywhere.

We want to remain like this.

You'd better check it twice.


We traveled to Mexico by plane.

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Ping wants to talk about the project.

This is just my opinion.

An important characteristic of steel is its strength.


Put this scarf around your neck.

Wayne really helped me out.

We're all stunned.

It was nice of you to let me stay here last night.

The news never tells the truth, and the truth is never news.


I thought you were Canadian.

I just wanted to see how Edwin was doing.

They handed Anderson a short note.

What are you?

Those girls arrived.

Everett won't be at our party.

Sorry, I didn't want to scare you.


Slartibartfast used to be angry all the time.

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May I ask a personal question?

What would be best for me?

Ken was in Japan last year.

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Does that surprise you?

I think there's a problem.

The news of the merger of the two companies broke yesterday.

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It's very unlikely that Scot will be there.

He plays tennis very well.

It is more than 3 kilometers to the station.


The question is easy. It's the answer that's hard.

It's obviously a mistake.

I really like the crisp texture of gizzards.

Please give us some examples.

We must keep the results for Thursday.

I want you both to stop fighting.

The cherry trees are in full bloom now.

The winter was very hard; the ponds were covered with ice, and there was very little food for either the beasts of the field or the birds of the air.

The weather of Japan is hotter than England's.

A man in a hood grabbed the woman from behind and dragged her into nearby bushes where he indecently assaulted her.

How much more do they expect us to take?

He was killed in the fire.

Jeanne is the tallest guy in his class.

He's old enough to go to school.

Sandy asked me what had happened to Elwood.

I bought butter, cheese, eggs and what not.

I had no idea you knew how to speak French.


He can understand everything she is saying.


We've got a situation.

The doctor will be with you in a minute.

Is this where Vincent lives?

She came up with a possible solution.

I found the work very interesting.


What happened to that?

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Sanand didn't trust Kees and she didn't trust him.


We can't just leave them.

Starbuck thought he heard a gunshot.

We just need to get this done as soon as possible.

Am I leaving anything out?

He took leave of his family and got on board.


White makes the room look bigger.

He isn't as stupid as he looks.

Cliff knew better than to try to help Spock.

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Vic didn't help wash the dishes.

What happens if Earnie loses?

Romain is learning to figure skate.

In all philosophic theory there is an ultimate which is actual in virtue of its accidents.

Do you think Stu will accept my invitation?

I'm the father of the family.

The fire was on the first floor.

He came to Japan when he was a child.

I'm sleepy, so I am leaving now.

Ricardo doesn't look like a scoundrel.

Little did I imagine that my plan would go wrong.

Please bring me a cup of tea.

People used to think the sun revolved around the earth.

Are all the windows shut?

You cannot make bricks without straw.


The world began without man and shall end without him.

No wonder you are so happy.

I have no control over that.

Has Flight 123 been delayed?

Nobody needs me.

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I want to be examined by a doctor because of my stomach ache.

Snow fell two meters deep.

Of course yes!

It hasn't been easy.

Sridharan is actually a good singer.

You need a lot more capital.

Give them everything we've got.

Stop avoiding the question.

She didn't let me in on her secret.

Why don't you go and get your things?

Kelvin is saving money to go to Australia.


That is quite another matter.

I don't want to interfere with your personal life.

This submarine can operate in the most hostile conditions on the planet.


We think it's time to smile more often.

Roderick suffered severe head injuries in a fall from his bike.

Hey, give me a chance.

Revised told Johnathan that he believed what John said.

Quality of life was worsening.

I prepared one.

The surface of the Dead Sea is about 400 meters below sea level, earth's lowest elevation on land.


You've got no choice.

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I have it in the tip of my tounge.

The room is extremely small.

You were reading.

I believe that there is one perfect person out there for everyone.

He's stalling for time.

When was the last time you angered your mother?

Two brothers set out on a journey together.


Monica said yes.

Iron is a useful metal.

Molly is not coming.


Tran said he didn't know what Bryce wanted him to buy.

Florian took out his notebook and started writing.

Maarten called me and said that he needed me to do him a favor.