What colour is this flower?


They made cookies.

Giving up isn't the answer.

Christopher doesn't like it, either.

This hat is too big for you.

She stood still with her hair flying in the wind.


I seize the moment and turn it to my advantage.

I have a map of the world.

The payment will be deferred for two years.


Do you really have to work?

If it was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge.

All the clergy are against the new law.

The charges were false.

Are you lying right now?


Hurry it up.


Whales are similar to fish in shape.

I've got a lot of good friends.

Hammer the nail in.

I'll do it later.

There are limits.


I met him for the first time.

Celia was shocked by this.

I have nothing to do today.

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What he says makes no sense at all.

The brave sentry thinks it's funny that most Spanish 3rd-person-sentences have six possible ways of being translated to German.

Marie's hiding something from me.

You need to stop and smell the roses.

Frogs are afraid of snakes.

I neither heard nor saw anything.

She wrote an autobiographical novel.

I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Their offer to buy the house was rejected.


Call a taxicab to take us.

Delbert and Kees are no longer friends.

It goes without saying that at that time a kind of friendship beyond master and disciple grew between the two of them.

Let's choose the best of the tomato crop and take them to the market.

Of course, I understand.

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I need to take medications.

Don't open it, please.

Let me know the details.


I know Glynn made you suffer.

The film scooped up three awards at the Cannes film festival.

Himawan went out of the room.

What to do!

Rolf gave Shannon a potted plant.

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He has some money in the bank.

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We postponed the meeting.

Root wants to see a doctor as soon as possible.

All the students respect their home room teacher.

No one was hit.

Is there something that you want?


Do you also take American Express?


I'll go to college.

Glory of cossacks have long been glorious.

The piano in Evelyn's house is out of tune.

I thought it would make you laugh.

The tsunami alert has been canceled.

His father dedicated his life to science.

He gave us an explanation about the new billing system.


I know her sister.

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Is France on the decline?

Are you giving this to Sandip?

It's not likely to happen soon.

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We're a complete joke.

Did you remember to turn on the alarm?

When it's this cold, I don't like going outside.


Ric normally doesn't show his feelings very much.

I can't get a hold of them.

We leave in half an hour.

It's a pity you didn't tell somebody sooner.

When yelling doesn't work, yell louder!

I need someone to look after my son while he is outdoors.

Her faith in God is unshaken.

Many TV programs have a bad influence on children.

I am studying hard so that I can pass the exam.

We're very sorry for your loss.

He will arrive by eight at the latest.

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Who are they cheering for?

I thought we could help you.

He is a man of understanding.

I know that we can do it.

But, then again, Latin was already a "dead language" by that time.

The snow prevented the train from running.

That was no good.

Do we really need them?

I have no money at all.

The big window looks out on a garden.

That child was clinging to his mother.

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They won't play tennis this Saturday.

She locked the door.

The police did arrest someone.

Do you know the French equivalent of the word?

I'm afraid of not succeeding with this deal.

We don't have enough money for a taxi.

Many young people make use of their summer vacation to climb Mt. Fuji.

My only distraction is the game Go.

Calvin is very scrawny and wouldn't be able to fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

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These glasses are beautiful.


I'm pretty sure Les is bluffing.

I slipped an ice cube down her shirt.

This is Joachim's handiwork.

If only he could see you now.

I hope you have a merry Christmas.

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Come one Tuesday, if possible.

I don't blame Claudio for that.

He believes in the supernatural.


What I told you was true.

The Obama Administration is committed to saving you money. We are hunting down misspent tax dollars through the Campaign to Cut Waste.

The crowd cheers for both teams.


He was devastated.

Although Omar knew that Barton was married, she tried to seduce him.

I'm about ready.


The play is a satire on the political world.

The balloon flew and burst in the sky.

Who will guard the guards themselves?

Why shouldn't they let you pay for it?

You can come with us.

Do not punish the girl severely; go easy on her.

How did you convince Shamim?

You're doing a good job.

My uncle gave me a book.

There was heavy snow over a large area.

They agree.

You play golf? What's your handicap?

Most dinner parties end about eleven o'clock.

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The wives of the two elder brothers watched her and did exactly the same.

I'll never forget the day when we first met.

You should have left Clark alone.

Frederick doesn't have to finish.

I'm not interested in that kind of movie.

Pick on somebody your own size, you bully.

I'd like to see what's going on.


I'm not sure how they could have confused the two men since one is tall and skinny and the other is short and fat.

You have to ask them first.

His name is further down the list.

It's Anna's house.

Newspapers carry weather reports.

I'm the guy who met Ernest at the station.

Since I was sleepy, I went to sleep.

The bus was delayed an hour by the accident.

There were no radios in those days.

I didn't realize how much Spyros missed Kenton.

Tell Kit I need some money.

Is Pim drunk?

A misfortune never comes alone.

You're really nice.

Nobility is no guarantee of wisdom.

Finally she attained a position of power.

That's a very bad idea.


How did Caroline ever talk you into this?

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I have to sweep my room.


He could speak French.

He's late. Let's wait until 5h30.

Francisco said he knows Plastic's secret.

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Takayuki told me he was hungry.

He greeted the man, and came back home, to his normal, boring routine.

Heather doesn't drink wine.

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It's nice of you to give me a lift.

The noise startled him.

Actinium-227 is a decay product of uranium-235.


The Cornette-trilogy was named after the ice cream brand.

I was a little bit disappointed.

Jwahar is only interested in good-looking girls.


Why should that surprise anyone?