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We should deny our children things too sweet.

Hon has only been back in town for three weeks.

He sent her a message.

We don't anticipate that happening.

Sundar helped Maurice wash her car.


Nondisclosure should never be based on an effort to protect the personal interests of Government officials at the expense of those they are supposed to serve.

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Helge is now the proud father of a healthy baby girl.

I've got everything I want.

There is no time like the time when you and I were young.

I'm paying attention.

His speech had an effect on our emotions.

Is bigamy a crime in Australia?

That's not so bad.

I borrowed those comics from his sister.

Italy's country code is 39.

I figured you'd be impressed.

Natraj wants us dead.

Susanne had never seen Walt so furious.

I'm going to the beach this afternoon.


Am I the only one here?

Did you already know that?

Steven was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Just don't let it happen again.

Today is not my day.

There was a deer walking through the meadow.

You have to finish your homework right away.

It'll be exciting.

You better not open your mouth.

Let's sing the English song.

Calm down, and listen to me speak from the beginning.


She told the dog to stay.


Seymour didn't need to take a taxi. He could have walked.

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I know you can hear me.

Nils presented his graduation thesis yesterday.

However hard he worked, he did not become any better off.

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I want to see the horses.

When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a star like Seiko Matsuda.

Let's hit the slopes!

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Somebody might've overheard you.


The rota gave information for where everyone was to work on the day.

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Luc has been kind to me.


Terrance won the Nobel prize for his research.

I am very sorry.

Do you want to continue living like this?

I thought Sergeant had a party last night.

Who can work out the adverbial form of that verb?

What heading does this book come under?

The bright child can tolerate failure.

The government adopted strong measures to fight inflation.

I think it scared Billie.

I work best under pressure.

He was unable to read much of it.

Joon is now Anatole's assistant.

The post office is a few minutes' walk from here.

There's a lot of flu going around now.

We were just in time for the last train.


They blocked her.

Keep it going.

I'll bet that I can beat you to the tree.


This sentence has a predicate but no subject.

You're holding it, aren't you?

Let's not forget who Terrence is.

You and I are going to have a lot of fun.

He is the one who took care of her wound.

Randal is very glad that school is over.

Bob is a nice person.

Grandchildren don't make a man feel old, it's the knowledge that he's married to a grandmother.

I don't know if I have enough time to do it.


Perhaps we've met before.

The trouble is that you are too young.

The children didn't seem to understand the instructions.

Michel told me all the details.

You're early, aren't you?

That was a huge breakthrough.

It does not matter that he did not know about it.


Tricia bit his lip.


I explained the rules to her.

Ric tried to look dignified.

It makes perfect sense.

I was trying to be nice.

Sean eats too much junk food.

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She put it in the box.

Has this happened often?

Nobody knows that.

Without your love, my life would be very sad.

There's no use arguing.

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That blue-white shining star is Sirius.


The air was infected with photochemical smog.

Jeannette asked Manny if she was home.

Everybody has secrets.


I hope this makes it through baggage inspection.

My little daughter likes to sit on my shoulders.

No matter what you say, I will never believe you.

There is no telling who will be sent in his place.

They made a desperate call to the coast guard.

She took in the washing when it started to rain.

Ken's father loved Ken all the more because he was his only son.

I should've told you the truth about me from the beginning.

By the way, have you done your homework?


She is thirty-one.

Are you looking for a definite article?

There's been a an increase in wholesale prices.


My name is not Kelly.

I had to let her go.

The dynamite went off with a bang.

My poor uncle was there, lying on his bloody bed, with a dagger lodged deeply in his heart.

She painted a wall.


Lincoln repeated the words.

The bank has loaned the company $1,000,000.

Hohn put a cup of hot coffee in front of Stacy.

This kind of book is of no use to us.

Beware of the dog!


My boss rejected the budget for the new project.


You don't have to eat it.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Amanda forgot to lock the back door.

She pointed her finger at him.

When Fred hears loud music, he gets annoyed.

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You're not going to avoid being punished for this.


I'm thinking of going to Disneyland for my next date with Jane.

Sergeant is incredible.

He is junior to my brother by three years.


I don't know what I did wrong.

She applied for a job at the company that had not only bribed local officials but also caused huge problems for her own family.

Let's take some pictures.

He confessed in court that he was in touch with racist groups.

He's closed-minded.

I do not know what these bright spots are on Ceres, but when they find out, most likely it will not turn out to be anything impressive ... Just rocks and dust.

You will have unrestricted access to this area.


He's a few years younger than I am.

Doug abused my confidence.

Traffic in ivory is illegal.

Kristin drew a mustache on Ping's picture.

Leave it to me; I will to it.

Emily won first prize in the speech contest.

Please give me a hand.


The girl made off with her employer's money.

The number of visible stars is very great.

Are all of your sisters older than you?

I don't know how much money we've got.

It's me they're waiting for.

How can you tell?

His condition is, if anything, better than yesterday.


Why are you insulting me?

I didn't have time to change.

Your friends are in there.


The wind abated a little.

All of us want to live as long as possible.

I wonder who made all this.


The moon was full yesterday.

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I'm well today.

Collin sneaked up behind Amir without being noticed.

By saying "Mike" I actually meant my dog named Mike.

I have a terrible hangover.

Tad imposed draconian punishments on her son for committing even the smallest infractions.


I'll be raising my prices by three percent next month.

I am unable to say anything offhand.

I hate cops like him.

The yacht is under smooth sail.

Are you accusing him?

We all agreed it was a good idea.

We should give Donal some time.


Slartibartfast knew exactly how Laura felt.