I'll come with her.

Have you done your Christmas shopping?


Duane is a nice and respectful young man.


Why didn't you say yes?

People will fry to a crisp in the sun today.

We have four rabbits, one of them bites.


She is clearly over forty.

Did you ask after her? What did she say?

She is a fox.


It is my cat.


The accident occurred at the mouth of the tunnel.

I'm looking forward to the next month.

The castle is beautiful.

She's insecure and has low self esteem.

Let's not start drinking until Marnix gets here.

Adversity is the best school.

She was happy because she passed the exam.

The drinks are half price until six.

Kinch told Elaine that they needed to be careful not to wear out their welcome.

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That kind of language ist uncalled for.

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I also recommend to visit at least one city which is usually not visited by tourists.

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When will it get better?

Mahmoud can swim better than Conrad.

That he was busy is true.

No thank you, I'm full.

You guys can't be serious.

For the intelligent, a hint is sufficient.

Elizabeth asked me to ask you something.

We got drunk together.

You're incredibly talented.

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Who are you afraid of?


Have you got a lighter?

We have dealt with this store for 16 years.

I hope you didn't lend Jim any money.


You can't pay someone to sleep for you.

Derek is far away.

The home team always have an advantage over their opponents.

I'm feeling pretty confident.

We loved what you said last night.

These shoes are way too small for me.

What a waste of energy!

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I could tell she was hurt.

Just think of the difficulties!

The theater used to stay open till late.

He went not to help his father but to borrow money from him.

Please find me my overcoat.

I wonder if I might have a moment alone with Heinrich.

I wish I was with you.

Many innocent people were saved from the hostage takers.

Buildings of national importance are relatively safe.

Which do you like better, English or music?

Please reconfirm the reservation by March 10.

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You don't have much time.


"What a fabulous creation can a woman be compared with?" "With a triple-headed snake. She speaks one thing, thinks another, and does the third".

The problem is that solar power is too expensive.

He lied to me.

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At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do.

She begged him not to go there.

Will you have to tell them?


The government rationed meat during the war.

You don't understand at all.

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies.

This only takes quarters, you know.

You'll have to notify your boss about that.

Call him an abyss - how deep he is!

What will I forget to write?

The day will soon come when we can take a trip to Mars.

He walked barefoot over the fire.

He was sleeping under the tree.

The straits were too narrow for the cruise ship.


He took Jill on a fishing trip.

We gave you credit for more sense than that.

Entering the house, I tripped over the mat.

I could have sworn I heard Kayvan's voice.

Are Monty and Milner still in Boston?

After he had finished his work, he would read and study by the fireside.

I'm very particular about my hair.

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All of a sudden, the fire alarm went off.

We're with the CIA.

I warned him once, but he didn't listen.


Birds learn to fly instinctively.

She plays tennis very well.

Are you talking to yourself again?

Do you want to go to Boston?

It hurts to have to say this, but it's the truth.

Their sizes are much the same.

This is a kind of watermelon.

I need you to take over.

He fell short of our expectation.

Please give me your full name. "Mysore Miller."

It seldom snows in this part of the country.

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You sure are persuasive.

They are afraid of death.

I live in the nearby city.


I know everything about her.


Do my words trouble you? If so, that is enough for today.

Kyle is on medical leave.

Angela is John's twin brother.


How much does a ticket cost for the concert?


You don't want to know what I think.

She is booked up all next week.

I wish you had called thirty minutes ago.

We'll continue this discussion later.

He seems to have been ill.

He has the advantage of a good education.

This book will be of great use to us.

I must be calm.

Dan and Linda are twins.

Lewis was first.

Vaughn and I have a lot in common.

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I honestly didn't know a thing about this.


He set fire to the school building.

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Her face went very pink.

Why did you leave her alone?

The child cried herself to sleep.

First time Irfan met Margaret, he came across as a guy who wouldn't stick his neck out for no one.

Kerri tells me that you're leaving.

After being abandoned for years, the old house went to rack and ruin.

It's been three years since I moved here.

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You are difficult and easy, pleasant and bitter at the same time; I can't live with or without you.

Phiroze is extremely creative, isn't he?

It was an honor.

Laurianne started eating.

Eddy had a telephone call from Terry early this morning.

Lie on the examining table.

I'm tired of playing this game.

Maybe you should open it now.

I got mad.

Amedeo told Frederic that he'd go to Boston in October.

This work is anything but easy.

I was so nervous that she would catch sight of me.

It's obvious that she's sick.

Lynn was surprised by what he learned in sex education class.

We can help you now.


I'm not wiping your tables.

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I have no money with me.

You are not permitted to touch the art.

He had been living in Nagano for seven years when his daughter was born.


I don't know what he'll do when you're gone.

Arlene didn't go there yesterday.

I just can't believe it.

Lukas will be assigned to assist you.

He doesn't understand that his actions are inimical to his own interests.

They spent a lot of money on their son.

Surrounded by the sea, Japan has a mild climate.

I have to change a string on the guitar.

Spring brings warm days and beautiful flowers.

This room has a hundred ruble entrance fee. Those who knock get a 100% discount.

Gregor is going to kill himself.

Is there anything you don't know how to do?

The revolution will be useless without pictures.

I would really like to learn more about your country.

I have known him for ten years.


I rocked the baby in my arms.


Mohammad should've gone home earlier.

This makes me so angry.

What club would you like to join?

My brother is looking for an apartment.

I saw them again last night.


The hotel room where we stayed was shabby.


Lois still doesn't look very happy.

We have our differences.


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So what are birds actually?