The meat might be contaminated.

The relative pronoun 'that' has two states, a nominative case and objective case, but there is no possessive case.

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I don't want Marion to get into trouble.

You have a habit that I'm happy about.

He wanted to destroy it.

Did the accident really come to pass last year?

Would you mind telling me where you're going?

I don't think this is such a big deal.

He's making a table in his workshop.


Mott never said what he was planning to do.


What is he aiming at?

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You're making me very happy by doing that.

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What's going on?


We'll help them any way we can.

Let's not get carried away here.

She was born in Mexico.

Why is Rees not here?

It is silly of you to neglect your studies.

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I can see the stars in the sky.

She wants to know how to lose weight safely.

Tanya is much better than you.


I want a scooter.


Many Russians have dashboard cameras.


I decided to be a lawyer.


Can I just ask a few questions?

Individual freedom is the foundation of democracy.

Traditionally, men were expected to take the lead in courtship.

Have you been in Rio?

You've got to help me learn to drive.

They were well-trained and well-supplied.

I can't tell you how I love you.

I'm living in Boston.

We must consume less!


Furthermore, in order to defeat Ganon, Link mends the eight scattered fragments of the triforce of wisdom, in order to have the magic triangle.

I didn't hear him coming.

Betty will appreciate it a lot.

Bryce asked how much we had paid.

All doctors say what their patients like them to.

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He died so that we may live.

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The lengthy lecture palled on me.

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If you go into the forest, watch out for the ogres who eat children!

That's why I trust you.

She's on the honor roll.


No one will obey you.

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A watch was given to me by her.


We are on the same level.

I know very little about Radek.

I invited my friends to dinner.

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Vladimir bent down to pet his dog.

Archie will like this game, I think.

What say you?


We'll certainly try.

If the governments devalue the currency in order to betray all creditors, you politely call this procedure "inflation".

I conceived of the plan while I was smoking.


Can I talk to you about them?

Put the eggs in the refrigerator.

It's a ten minutes walk to the bus stop.

I was told you knew how to do this.

Why was money invented?

I can't really trust Toshiba.

I need someone to find them.


He was beside himself on her account.

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Let's assume Darren won't be here on time.


Dan is here to protect me.


Did he already fall asleep?

She kept him waiting for a long time.

An enemy of an enemy is a friend.

The room key, please.

You must quickly accustom yourself to your new school.


Everybody likes his jokes.


You will catch it if you do such a thing.

It only takes a little to make you feel at home.

Care over the particulars only has meaning once it gets across to customers.

I'm not young like her.

When Dan told Chris he didn't like her scarf, she got rid of it.

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We want to rent an apartment in the city.

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Calm down.

I should go to the pharmacy and buy some painkillers.

I still owe my brother the ten dollars that he lent me last week.

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You're demanding.

She hated him.

Go be with her.

I can tell when you're lying.

Obviously, I can't force you to do something you don't want to do.

Karen and Eddy liked their jobs.

There is a lid for every pot.

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My anorak, such as it was, stood me in good stead.

Both had had a restless night, the old man due to insomnia, and the young girl due to delicious dreams.

She has forgiven him for everything.


The truth is, these days, I'm thinking of writing a novel for a women's magazine.

He takes pride in being punctual.

Where did you massage them?

The direction of the thrust force depends on how the engines are attached to the aircraft.

Only four horses were in the race.


Barrett finished in third place.

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Deborah could tell that it would be impossible to reach a compromise with Hiroyuki.


Close your book.


The old park has become one of the most sought after places in the city.

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He is Chinese?

You have to learn to put up with this weather.

That's extremely surprising.


Did you think about your wife when you were in the army?

Where do you spend your weekends?

I like drinking beer and wine.

Where's my timecard?

One crow doesn't peck another's eye.

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Jean-Christophe is studying to be a minister.

The antagonist of the book was introduced on the second page.

Ro had no intention of waiting that long.

He wrote "regards" at the end of the letter and then signed his name.

She could not put up with the insult.

The young girls twined wreaths of flowers.

Put price labels on each individual item.


When I turned the screw, water burst out.


I hope my new stepfather sticks around longer than the last one.

Beth is an odd girl who likes snakes.

What is Maths good for?

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Stan found out what went wrong.

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Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Rhonda takes himself very seriously.

I have doubts about his career.

Amarth raced Duncan down the hill.

You've always been there for me.

Mrs. Smith cleans that room.

The plane accident cost the lives of 200 people.

Suddenly, the captain left the ship.

I'm sure you'll be just fine.

The wedding was celebrated at ten.

Terry can handle it.

They didn't suspect anything.

Stanley asked me if he could go home early today.

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Packing a moving truck is like playing Tetris.


The audience was greatly impressed by his speech.

I wanted to wrap my arms around his neck.

Venus was the first planet outside of Earth to ever be reached by a space probe.

That's not a very nice thing to say.

Terri wanted you to see it right away.

Rodger's camera was just where he'd left it.

We have a new puppy. He is about 12 weeks old.


I have lost my key.

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Who's the photographer?

The hall needs a new curtain.

Jesus hates you.

I can speak Japanese.

The doctor told me I had to stop smoking.

Get well soon.

We should save money for a rainy day.

I moved hoping I'd be left alone but it just wasn't the case.

Back then it was different.


It is improper to impose sanctions upon the union.

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It's shocking what they wrote about you in the papers.