Updated : Jan 26, 2021 in Business

Cheap Studio Monitors for the Budget Conscious Engineer

Which brand? How much money should I spend? Are there any special things I should worry about?

If you are in the market for your first studio monitors or are just looking for a cheap second pair, there are a fair amount of great budget options out there for you.

Here below you can see a few popular and recommended options for budget monitors in the price range of under $500. I would say a budget of $500 is a maximum starting budget and you can probably get a pretty decent pair fbest 4k monitor under 500.

These links here below are affiliate links and if you are seriously looking for monitors please make a purchase through any of these links. Just by doing that you would be helping out this website a great deal.

Fostex PM0.5 MKII

I’ve seen the Fostex PM0.4 advertised in many buyer’s guides but I’d recommend a bigger driver for that additional bass response.

Alesis Monitor 1 Active MKII

A friend of mine can’t get enough of these. He thinks they sound awesome and him being an audio engineer and music recording teacher I’m keen to believe him.


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