Our Vision

To be a leading Outsourcing Agency that delivers valuable tailor-fitted solutions customized to your company needs with an innovative results-oriented style.

Our Philosophy

Today The World believes that we are in the verge of a new era in ways of doing business. Outsourcing has become popular but often falls short in the needs of American and European companies. Quality and proper training MUST be a priority in order to be cost effective.

How We Are Different

At Today The World, we will work with you to become the perfect extension of your company. We will meet with you as much as needed to learn your objectives, systems, requirements and goals; as we take a
hands-on approach to implementation.

About Us

Our Company

Today The World is an American based company that has been in business since 1998.Fields of expertise include: Customer Service for Telecom support, Answering service, Website Layouts, Research and Outbound Sales, Lead generation and Marketing. We have worked together with business large and small and with a multitude of customers and clients. Today The World focuses on working with executives and management to help increase volume and productivity.

Our Management

Organizations rely on the contribution of every individual in order to be effective. We manage our team to fit your every need. Our management team has a diverse experience with technology. As communications professionals, we understand the growing needs of today’s business. Our commitment to having a competent staff is essential. Today The World will work with your staff to understand all of your company’s requirements. We will then provide extensive high quality training to our staff. We pride ourselves on our staff’s ability to meet our intense standards of HIGH CUSTOMER SERVICE and ensure a seamless transition from your company to ours.

Our Facilities

Located in beautiful Eastwood City, it is a very central location and easy to get to from all methods of transit.Our new facility sports over 450 workstations divided up into sections depending on the number of seats you will require. We keep our teams separated for different businesses for your confidentiality as well as keeping each group together to work as a team. This will also include seats for team leaders and supervisors. We also have a conference room, lunch room, and private training areas.It is a great environment that is cheery and enhances productivity because people feel really good about their work environment.

Our Confidentiality

Confidentiality is major priority. We are bound by our strict confidentiality policy. All Staff sign a mandatory Non-Disclosure Agreement and bound by strict cyber security laws.

Our Customer Support

We provide training to meet our high standards of customer service and require the staff to revisit their training periodically to ensure top-notched customer service that continues to meet our standards. We demand our staff to completely understand your needs before they are available to provide customer service. Since each client’s needs are different, we require our representatives of Today The World to have specialized training that specifically fits your needs. From being your virtual assistant, order taker, technical troubleshooter, lead generation specialist, product support advisor or sales reps, it will be a seamless transition from your office to ours.

Letter From The CEO:

Hello, my name is Perry Stevens and I am the CEO of Today The World LLC. It is my personal goal to have you as our client, to be completely satisfied with the services we have to offer, at an extremely affordable price.

I am dedicated to making sure that we tend to your business as you would yourself; giving proper attention to detail and specific procedures. Through our process of project planning, outlining objectives, detailing processes, follow through and evaluation, I want you to feel completely confident that your business will be handled by qualified, well versed and proficient call center agents.

We are constantly developing and training our staff to be versed in many different types of business, as well as having dedicated employees who specialize in certain areas that we can custom tailor to your needs. We are committed to providing the latest in technology to our clients across the globe.

Our staff is courteous, friendly and possess excellent English skills, both spoken and written. Most of our staff are College graduates.They are trained in customer satisfaction, lead generation, customer care, sales, technical support and other specialized fields according to the needs of the company.

In closing, I would like to let you know that we take a very “hands on” approach. I will personally meet with you via telephone or teleconference to review exactly what your goals are and how we can best facilitate them. Every business relationship is treated with highest regard to your objectives. After all, you are the one that must feel comfortable in allowing us to represent your company. I hope that we can completely live up to and surpass your expectations.

Yours Truly,
Perry Stevens

Our Partners