Procurement Has Eyvolved

Eyvo is one of the world’s most experienced purchasing software providers – Our global supply chain management software is used by small and large private firms, large public companies, governments and NGO’s – Take an in-depth look at our web site and you will understand why our customers think we are the best choice. Take charge of your orders, engage with your suppliers, conduct spend analysis – Our Purchasing Software solution can be installed on your own premises or  hosted in the Cloud as an integrated set of secure tools used to assist all eSourcing and supply chain activities – Our policy of constant development and intensive focus on end-to-end solutions brings tangible benefits to buyers and vendors alike. We believe that an innovative procurement solution is as good as its next feature  or customer focused improvement which we deliver every week.


With our 3 distinct platforms, the eBuyerAssist software has helped industries like hospitality, legal, construction etc. perform better and reduce costs.

  • Unlimited Suppliers

  • 24/7 Support

  • Alert Notifications

  • Individual/Group Approvals

  • Analytical Dashboards

  • Contract Management

  • Management Reports

  • QuickBooks Integration

  • Budget Analysis

  • Purchase Requisitions

  • Purchase Orders

  • Import/Export


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“Eyvo’s system has been a valuable and very scalable e-procurement governance tool as we have grown our company.  Their web-based system provides an easy to use and very capable solution with a lot of functionality at an attractive price.”

Peter Hasenkamp • Director of Supply Chain, Lucid Motors



Yes.  We offer a 45 minute online demo to qualified leads which you can watch at your convenience.  We also offer live demos after we talked to you about your specific requirements.  Why?  Because our software is extensive and we need to focus on showing the parts that are of interest.  Of course, if you are in a time crunch, just contact us and we’ll accelerate the process.

Yes, we were formerly known as Mikrofax eProcurement Solutions.

We do not have any distributor/partner in the UAE.

You cannot register as a supplier with us. You can register as a supplier with a customer who uses our purchase platform.

You can download whitepapers on various industries that we cater to here. Alternatively, you can also view a demo by filling a form here.

We can host our application on premise. However, it would mean responsibility of potential liability. If you are still interested in hosting this yourself, please contact us here and we can discuss this further.

Our headquarters are at California, USA.

The custom platform is not limited in the number of licenses. You can have as few as 10 or as many as 1000.


For generic information, please visit our pricing page.

For specific pricing, you can:

  1. fill out the quote request form for the specific offer you are considering (link at the pricing page)
  2. submit the same information (number of users, optional modules, integration requirements, etc.) by email to sales at eyvo.com or call us at 888.237.9801

You can get information on pricing 615-601-8678.

The costs include the number of users that need licences along with additional modules and a minimal set up cost. You can engage with one of our representatives to customise a proposal according to your requirements.

You can take additional modules in the small business edition at an extra cost.

Our pricing is available only in USD.


Technical Support – 24/7 email support at eyvo.com

Customer Support – 24/5 email customersupport at eyvo.com or call 888.237.9801

We integrate with various accounting packages such as QuickBooks, SAP, Great Plains, Sun Accounts, Oracle Financials, etc.

You can purchase goods from any country.

Yes. Our eProcurement system will directly link to vendors that support the cXML Punchout Standard.

You can email us at eyvoteam@eyvo.com and a representative will reach out to you to understand your company’s purchase requirements. Alternatively, you can fill out a form here. Once we understand the requirements, we will take the process forward with you.