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Experiments For High Power Green Laser Pointers

Doing explores different avenues regarding green laser pointers can be both instructive and a heap of fun. This article gives a blueprint of various great tests for green laser pointers.

Directing trials with laser pointers is both instructive and uv radiometer heaps of fun. Recorded beneath are some essential trials you can perform with green laser pointers. Please while testing, consistently remember wellbeing chief.

Warm investigations

Consuming plastic

This is the least demanding of the warm investigations to perform and just requires a 55mW laser pointer.


– Use flimsy dark plastic, for example, shopping packs.

– Hold the laser pointer near the sack and lay it on something strong to keep the pillar consistent.

– The primary indication of progress will be rings of smoke from the point you are focusing on.

– When you’ve wrapped up, the plastic up to the light ought to uncover little pin pricks consumed into the plastic.

Blasting or popping inflatables

Laser pointers of generally 75mW or higher in force can pop dim or dark hued inflatables.


– Dark or dark inflatables are best since they are better at engrossing green light. White or green inflatables will have an excessive amount of reflection and the ingested vitality won’t be sufficient to pop the inflatable. On the off chance that you don’t have any dull/dark inflatables, you can utilize a sharpie (dark texta) to put a dark spot on the inflatable that you can point the laser at.

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