You're a very handsome man, Cary.

I played chess with Duane yesterday afternoon.

Mara doesn't often come here.


She made a scene.

A white coin is for a black day.

It's official business.


I'm calling to answer your question.

"Does your sister go to school on a bicycle?" - "No, she always goes by motorcycle."

But there's a big difference between forced and voluntary labor.

He's not home yet.

He's very influential in the world of medicine.

I attached my signature to the document.

I never actually wanted a car.

Yes. He can run 100 meters within twelve seconds.

Kelvin hid in the closet.

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Kit is pathetic.


I've been too busy.

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I've never heard my mother sing a song.

Plastic treats me like a queen.

Ellen was not able to quit smoking.

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It really depends on when.

Bill got up early in order to catch the first train.

I really love coming here.

She didn't do it out of malice.

Let's not talk about it now.

We have no business relations with the firm.

She devoted her life to the study of science.

Have you ever done anything right?

I've come, as my mother told me to deliver this here.

Neither statement is true.

I won't have time for that tomorrow.

We don't need to help Vaughn at all.

The walls were covered with graffiti.

Jurevis is still reluctant to call it off.

This type of noun phrase is called a "concealed question".


I'm not going to be a part of this.

Look what I found on the beach.

Timothy doesn't have a bicycle.

Steel output set a record for two consecutive years.

Wolves and dogs are pretty much the same thing, dogs are just domesticated.

You don't even try that hard.

We have to meet the demand.

It's not possible, is it?

What were you doing at the hospital?

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That was the plan, wasn't it?

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We're coming home.


Bart still calls French fries Freedom fries.

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Billy is dating someone at the hospital.


Starbuck walked through the market.


I thank you for your confidence.

When was Lou fired?

Jim is interested in many things.

Kit died in his sleep.

He's artsy.

It won't be the same here without you.

Good news! There are four hundred and forty four sentences in Klingon.

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Hang your coat in the hall please.


Please ask the secretary to stock the office supplies in the storage room.

He was profuse in his praise of his teacher.

They had to be turned away from the theater.

Is this jacket right for me?

Being a prince is not easy.

We can't go back out there.

This store doesn't stay open as late as I'd like.

Hugh and John pretended to be brothers.

Could I see you tonight?

Dogs dogs bite, bite.

He wrote me love letters.

I appreciate it very much.

Marilyn doesn't look like me.

Low temperatures kept summits frozen most of the spring.

Jesus used to often go to Boston.


I bought this T-shirt on sale.

How much sugar do you use?

They only wrote good things about them in the newspaper.

This pencil is yours. Mine is on the desk.

I think I'm OK.

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She filled the glass with wine.

I'm glad we came here.

That must've been difficult.

We need to make a plan.

Business is improving.


I wish you a nice day!


Steel production of the year was the highest on record.

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I want to express my appreciation for your help.


Jared is afraid to go out alone at night.


Sergio was advised by his doctor to give up drinking.

I believe in early rising.

You were never very good at math.

The one that just yesterday, said to be guiding, leading- Finds himself, out of the blue, lying stiff in a wooden box, and the ones around, (after) realising that he is worthless, burnt him in a furnace.

Why are you concerned?

Meg attends many school affairs.

Wade never said he hated Kirk.

If you should be late again, you'll lose your job.

It's snowing today and it's amazing!

In an hour there are sixty minutes and in a minute there are sixty seconds.

I want you to meet her.

Did you like the bicycle?

Call Del and tell him we'll be late.


Tell me your life story.

The doors have been opened.

There was nothing Boyce could've done.

Patrice needs to return this book by tomorrow evening.

I couldn't find them.

Milner said he saw Ross yesterday.

Lawrence knew that he couldn't reach the top shelf.

She admired her daughter, who looked lovely that evening.

Do you need to leave now?

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I give you five minutes to resolve this issue.

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I'm sure Knudsen's answer would've been no.


God beware me!

Don't bother standing up.

I don't think these guys really want to hear Lum sing.

Myrick was talking in his sleep.

Who are you to tell him what to do?


Eddie has been blind since birth.

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The party leader rattled on at great length about future policies.

We can but wait for the results.

I'm watching Nick.

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Jonathan told me this would only take three hours.


Christian doesn't know his date of birth.

He was getting old.

What bothers him is not the fidelity.

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Marika was happy every time I said something in Finnish.


I don't oil their gears.


How did you cook this?

Tell her I had to leave.

Can you manage alone?

Marriage changes people.

They have turned one of the mosques into a prison.

They both fell in love with the same woman.

Some aardvarks can live up to ten years.


Marsh threw a rotten egg at Marc.


As soon as she heard the news, she burst into tears.

What does she do in his office?

Cooper pairs are electron pairs formed in superconductors.

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She decided to marry him.

I have serious doubts.

Bruno thought it would be a good idea if Real got a gun.

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The United States is in the Northern Hemisphere.

You guys get the best shots.

Winston talked to someone in the park.

Natraj had to make a fire.

I suppose that what we mean by beauty is that object, spiritual or material, more often material, which satisfies our aesthetic sense.

You're driving me nuts.

Obviously there are many variations between these two extremes.


Philippe ate all my candy.


I don't know where to park.


You're successful.

There seems to be a mistake.

Do you want to see it now?

The kidnapper told me he'd kill Narendra if I didn't show up alone.

Have you ever told Stuart about your work?

Could you please speak a little bit more slowly?

You should treat everyone fairly.

I feel old.

I don't like him because he is sly as a fox.

It's a question of when not if.

I wish I could be more optimistic about what's going to happen.