It works both ways.

That gives me great pleasure.

We need to find them right away.

Dale wadded up the piece of paper.


I like your tie.

Englishmen are the heirs of liberty.

We've got to take Floyd to the doctor.

As I didn't have time to go shopping today, I had to make do with a sandwich for dinner.

Kill your darlings.

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Trigonometry studies relationships involving lengths and angles of triangles.

I couldn't find him anywhere.

I have a package here for him.


Pete came coasting down the hill on his sled.

She is afraid you might be lost.

We are looking forward to hearing about your trip.

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Milner went back to his desk and sat down.

After sowing seeds, it's important to thin out the seedlings if they seem too crowded.

He barely speaks English.

I can't slow down.

I've missed my aim.

The children were on the verge of crying.

You should've told your parents about us a long time ago.


Joseph forgot one important thing.


It was outstanding.

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Leith is in the ski lodge.

Even a child would notice the difference.

Pleasure is not bad in itself, but certain pleasures bring more pain than pleasure.

For the past 10 years, I've fed my dog dry dog food.

Thanks to your advice, I got over the hardship.

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Hillel knows he can't change Andries's mind.

John didn't know how to play the guitar.

Getting up at six o'clock is okay for me.

Could you give me a better price?

It's no good making the same old products year after year.


Nobody studied in my country.

He has a telephone to himself.

Damned, you look good!

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Give me the report.

Raman can be very dangerous.

Things weren't always easy.

I saw Ethan looking at himself in the mirror.

Let's keep an eye on them.

You better hurry.

"How do you do, James?" "Fine, thanks for asking. Nice to meet you."

What should I tell Walt it's for?

The movie skips the whole story of the dead boy.

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Walking back from his house, I frantically searched through my memory.

They asked a medical expert to do more research.

Sassan and Justin fight with each other all the time.

Franklin will be here.

Kiki cleaned the top of the table with a wet rag.

Son wouldn't do what I asked him to do.

There are several cafes in the park.

Hsuan did what he promised to do for us.

Do you know his last name?

The point is that you didn't teach them grammar.

She sleeps as if she had never done that before.

I didn't find him.

On New Year's Eve, Putin thanked the citizens of the Russian Federation for their willingness to stand for the country's interests.

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I don't know what to do. I'm just following her.

Pascal and I used to live in Boston.

It's all right. I can wait.

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Prostitution is legal in most of Nevada.


What was in it for you?


It's not like we have anything else to do.

I think you're trying too hard.

Now, it's your turn.

I met Ken yesterday.

When was the last time you heard Rajarshi talking about Matthew?

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The room has been empty for a long time.


Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus?

Elijah was trying to escape.

You're all alone.

Pontus is a republican.

I wish you a good morning!


We think you're in danger.

Was that your question?

Your help will save us a lot of work.

Pete is busy doing something.

The president held himself responsible for the slump in business, and left his post.

Have you met the new family in our neighborhood?

This changes things.

It was so noisy that I couldn't make myself heard.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting of the senior executives about the future of the company.

You don't help the poor.

He took me over to the island in his boat.


Would you like fries with that?

We'll begin the party when Jisheng gets here.

Please change this bill into coins.

The cake turned out quite well, even though she hadn't stuck to the recipe.

The article had three columns.

I want to hear about it.

Throw them out.


The children were very amused with his tricks.

A really bad thing happened to him.

Damon could've figured that out.

Narendra isn't coming, according to Luis.

He applied his theory to his case.


I expect you all to do your best.

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The teacher told the pupils to put those words down in their notebooks.

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Why is Pratap being so generous?

He didn't give it to me.

I knew that was Butler.

Come on guys, we can do this!

The hair style of the Beatles created a sensation.

That dog is really ugly.

I hope Bea feels better today.

I'm sorry, my dad is not at home.

Reinhard is looking for a way to save money.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.

Lynne is like a member of our family.

Come on, it's easy.

How drunk was Cathryn?

Kids and fools always tell the truth.

I've really got to tell you something, something very important. Let's meet up tonight please, can't we?

Why don't you invite some friends over for a party?

Viewer discretion is advised.

Vick is a cool guy.

I couldn't call you.

I taught Fay French for three years.

This girl has no mother.

I don't know what Gregg is talking about.

It won't be necessary, I think.

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I think that you and Rafael could make a cute couple.


The ship will set sail for Hong Kong tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Lately Bud hasn't been paying me any attention.

Chip is an aspiring musician.

No love without envy.

Who notified us?

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Sometimes the boys would play a trick on their teacher.

He was a weak and delicate child.

The police will keep an eye on the man they think is the criminal.

They came from the middle of the country.

I've always liked horror movies.

He has less bread.

List isn't old enough to get a driver's license yet.


A French translation of this book was published in 2013.

Why isn't she here?

It's an error in judgment.

It's grammatically correct, but a native would never say it like that.

Adam resigned last month.

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Hey, it doesn't work that way.

I don't agree with the theory that one should learn Latin in order to better understand English.

I need time to think.

That car salesman isn't honest.

I will never forgive you.

His novels are, for the most part, very boring.

What was Lukas's reaction?

Japan does a lot of trade with Canada.

Mysore is important.

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It must have been tough for you.

Can't you see Lenny isn't interested?

I don't know what I'm going to do with my cat now that I'm moving to another country.

Allan looks quite a bit older than Ram.

Todd is just a little stressed lately.


When did Laurence get here?

Don't take the trouble to come and meet me.

I don't give a damn.

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Jinchao doesn't know why Harris and John are fighting.

When did you get to know Brian?

Dustin just wanted to show off.


I need a word with them.

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Those colors go well together.


That requires careful consideration.

What do we do about her?

We're running out of money.