Perry drinks black coffee without sugar.

Stan doesn't have flood insurance.

I love him. I can't help it.

There is a man by the side of the pond.


Why not go talk to them?

Oil has been discovered under the North Sea.

The children are playing in the garden.

It's easy to call us and we are in distress, but continue to pray after the crisis is more like ensuring that helps promising to adhere to the spirit of good achievements

Call me up at seven in the morning.

Shai claimed that he'd already given Olson the money.

People came from far and wide to hear the President's speech.

I gather that they'll agree with us.

They tell me that it's good exercise, but I'm just not into jogging.

What kind of reaction did you have when he came looking for you?

If you'd like to volunteer, please visit our website.

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Ken will notify Judge.

How do you say "pizza" in Italian?

I shall never tell it to anybody.

All of us should strive for immortality.

The entry requirements for the essay competition are very strict.

The natural world is always much more complex than formulations in the lab or blueprints in the design office.

We sincerely thank you for today's flight.

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How do I know that you're not going to do that again?

Use your teeth.

Can I leave my luggage here?

He is no more a liar than you are a liar.

Walt is hoping Srikanth will just go away.

People often live comfortably in the suburbs.

We've done a lot of stupid things together.

Be an angel and turn the radio down.

He keeps quiet so that he won't disturb his father.

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Why didn't you help him escape?

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When are you going to tell them?

I like eating pineapple for breakfast.

They lost their trust in her.

I am running to the station.

Let's turn off the TV.

A crowd of people gathered around the speaker.

List had a bad day at work.

Hsi's bed's empty.

Don't blame it on them.


He brought her dog to school.

Before I start working in Paris, I need to improve my French.

Biscuits can be frozen.

Give Leo some room.

Hsuan was caught and killed by mercenaries.

Is this some kind of a trick?

You can bring a date if you want.

Do the children have enough to eat?

I have to tell Pierette and the others.


Why don't you guess?


You look very handsome.


One must always keep one's promise.

I need a marker.

Alice hung her head in shame.


I'm simply stating a fact.

The man robbed her bag.

Crashes happen all the time.


I'm calling the meeting off.

Konrad and Robin said they were on our side.

He is apt to envy others.

My plan is visiting old castles in Scotland.

Elvis recanted his testimony.


He is so honest that he is trusted by everyone.


The original book dealt primarily with the natural language processing of English.

This spider has very large fangs.

What's the go?

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It was easy for you to find a taxi.

I didn't plan to fall in love with you.

The adventurer grabbed his Uzi and set out to find the man responsible for stealing 12 million Mexican euros.

Go where you will, you can't hope for success without effort.

I do wish we could finish today.

Terrance wouldn't last a month in prison.

How do you know so much about Eugene?

There's a woman waiting over there who wants to talk to you.

I like to go swimming in the sea.

And now who's going to clean everything?

We had high hopes for Son.

I offer you my gratitude.

He bought us nice books.

Just give me a little privacy.

We need three more chairs.

I'm fond of taking pictures.

This is why she is still angry with me.

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Do you think he will like my gift?


I'm furious with Donovan.

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Jelske wished Kenn a happy birthday.


You look familiar to me.

Just so we're clear, that was Ronald's idea, not mine.

I could understand the first few sentences, but the rest of his speech was all Greek to me.


There was a new addition to his family.

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Maria sings as off-key as a cat.

Something you should know about me is that I half of what I say is meaningless.

As long as you have someone you love from the heart, you have a motivating force and you can face the entire world.


Allied forces were attacking from the west.


Pass me the broom and dustpan, please. I spilled some crumbs on the floor.


We shouldn't have stayed up all night.

Will anyone volunteer to help me?

My head aches so.

You'll get used to the dorm life pretty quickly.

Gypsy helped me escape.

Nicolo denied this.

I can't keep up with you if you walk so fast.

What are you going to do? Tell your mom?

We have a witness.

Raj deserves this.

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant alone?

He likes touching huge biceps.

I wasn't ready for this.


A friend of mine wants to go to Hawaii in April next year but doesn't know how much it will cost.

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We went to the river.

This room fits just under fifty people.

I've been summoned to headquarters urgently.

That would really be great.

I am going to undergo an electrocardiography.

Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.

Which color do you think Surya will like better?


Where do you want me to go? To a desert island?

I need to know what you saw that night.

I'm confident that I'll win the tennis match.

Everyone except Irvin and Hy are already here.

His manners aren't those of a gentleman.


Thad grew a long beard.

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I never drink tea with milk.

Don't go by what the newspapers say.

She has a gentle disposition.


I want Vic to live.

It was ages since we had had such a good time.

I'm such a bad singer that when I sing a scale I can't even reach sol!

Bud and Hans intend to get married in the spring.

We're heading back to town.

I decided against doing that.

Do you think you're smarter than me?

He treats his employees well.

We all need to work together. We're on the same team.

I can't straighten out my back.

This man is my direct boss.

He enjoys horseback riding.

Lui crossed his fingers.

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Amos looks a little confused.

Rees wouldn't let me leave.

It cost three thousand dollars exactly.


What're you going to do this weekend?


Something bad happened in Boston yesterday.

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It was the proudest moment of my life.

I think death is preferable to shame.

I am not happy.

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Polly suspected it might be a trap.


I still have to go to the bank.

They demanded a salary increase.

I was deeply affected when I heard of his death.

I met a guy named Kathleen in the park.

Donald Trump, a political outsider, won the presidency in a stunning upset.

People say something is cold even if it is at a relatively low temperature, especially compared to body temperature.

He was a man of cheerful aspect.

I want to know all about you.

All my friends call me Shane.

The apples that he sent to me were delicious.

What've you been doing all morning?

Rose milk is from the south of India. In Singapore, it's called "bandung."

It's been a blast.

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Just tell me where to go.

He is as honest a lad as any.

Marilyn asked Rudy to come home.