Things will only get worse.

Some people are color blind; they cannot tell one color from another.

What kind of deodorant do you prefer, spray or roll-on?

The wages of sin is death.


Nici and Shirley both feel the same way about that.

Was anyone hurt in the train crash?

Let me explain it once more.

It is my cat.

Put that stuff back in the box.


You're treading on thin ice.


Close the fucking door!

He is something of a musician.

We must, first of all, be careful of our health.


Lorenzo took your brother to the zoo.

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The pen is the tongue of the soul.


Have her meet us here at 2:30.


That's your problem.

Peeing sitting down is not all that bad.

Do you have enough time to do that?


I have to go to a meeting.

I am giving you what you want.

Leung snorted soda from his nose in astonishment.

Who is that man?

He should be around 40.

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I congratulated him on the birth of his son.


You mean a lot to me.

Someone should try this.

That man died of pellagra.


Jianyun is pacing.

Do you like Wagner?

You'd better get back here.


Isn't that an amazing coincidence?

I am sure that we will be very happy here.

We are about your age.

You were very clear.

Mats climbed into bed with his parents.


What's your favorite Disney movie?


Lanny pulled the emergency brake.

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Root was cleared of wrongdoing.

I can't believe Kolkka would gossip about Jared like that.

We've stopped doing that.

Mario isn't the same man he was three years ago.

You are allowed to go.

She means more than my life to me.

I'm looking for erotic science fiction novels.


Saify tore Laurel's letter in half.

I couldn't afford to buy everything I needed.

Who invented the first automobile?

Why don't you go and have a look?

Who knows what could happen?

Call options give the right to buy a security for a certain amount, called the strike price, by a given date. Puts convey the right to sell.

If you need money, I can lend you some.

Maybe I should talk with Pantelis.

Maureen was knighted in 2013.

Gabriel told me what he wanted.

I have not seen such beautiful flowers.

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You need to get her a job.


The two nations have strong trade ties.

It's going to be great and exciting to be there.

The water in the swimming pool suddenly turned green.


You should know, I am in love with Hughes.

You broke it.

Time you've enjoyed wasting was not wasted.

Pratt will go far.

All the villagers in turn saluted the priest.

How much did you eat?

I'm just glad Page is back.

Can you do it in thirty minutes?

I wish I could find out who that was.


Leonard almost drowned in his neighbor's swimming pool.

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

You enjoyed doing that, didn't you?

Susumu wants something to do.

Have you ever thought about moving to Boston?


You look like someone who could use a drink.


Lynn leaned her head on his shoulder.

Juliet thought Farouk was dead.

Music and sound are very related.


What would you have done in Saify's place?

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Nicolo will be wearing a tie.

This is not satisfactory.

I'm not sure what Aaron means.

I've missed you so much, Matthew.

When did you begin learning French?

Guess who I am.

Call an ambulance!

"This is what I was looking for!" he exclaimed.

My language is very complicated.

As is often the case with him, he came late.

We'll go get Jurevis.


The sister of my mother is my aunt.

No one wants to go there.

Sridharan was sure he would find another job.

Love is worth more than gold.

The Chunnel was closed due to severe weather conditions.

You're the dreamer.

Are you the boss?

I'm pretty sure that Jesse can do it.

Just finished it.

It would be great if you could sing.

Raman predicted Rob would win.

The news paralyzed him.

I guess you'll need some help.

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Does doing things in this way have a benefit?


They haven't paid me anything yet.


And this is my page.

When you go abroad, you'd better keep in mind that tipping is necessary.

Joshua pushed one of the buttons.

Andreas showed Gregg a lot of his pictures.

Will you get me a ticket for the concert?

You can handle it.

There used to be a bridge between two river banks.

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The Christian Religion not only was at first attended with miracles, but even at this day cannot be believed by any reasonable person without one. Mere reason is insufficient to convince us of its veracity.


As long as I'm going to be in Boston, I'll try to see if I can visit Harris.

We should call off the search.

Sharan has finally accomplished what he set out to do.

Vicki'll know.

Thanks for the kiss.

You are less beautiful than you think.

Many thanks for the thoughtful corrections! My mistakes have become clear to me.

We'll share our food with them.

We help Juergen in a lot of ways.


Can I help you at all?

The result was rather disappointing.

The whole family helped harvest the wheat.

For most architects, such a skyscraper represents a design challenge.

She won't let you leave.


I am lots of fun.


This college was established in 1910.

Tell Raman about your trip.

The city is small.

I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with that.

I need a little help!

Let me show you how I do it.

Why do we exist?

Kozue has never given way to despair in her life.

Glory of cossacks have long been glorious.

Carlos closed his eyes and made a wish.

There was a need for money.

Do you like this perfume?

Clifford told me he would be here by 2:30.

His friends had told him a lot about that small hut, built roughly with metal parts and crumbling bricks.

Just go to sleep.


Douglas doesn't quite know what to say.

We're meeting on Sunday.

In this way, the students of the University have the opportunity to expand their cultural horizons.

That's the village I was born in.

She watched the children swimming in the pool.

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I'm lost!

How do they do that?

Do you know this thing?


You'll ask them, won't you?

The effects are reversible.

Go through the market.

You have a very nice room.

Darren is slowly getting better.

I am far from blaming you.

He's on the way to go.

We would like to eat. Could you serve us expressly? We need to be on our way before half past one.

Let's take a rest here.

Curt is the only Canadian I know.

Chuck was the one who wrote this story.


We need a password to use this computer.