Transparent Pricing

Transparency has been a foundational principle of the way we run Optimus Futures. Find out exactly where your money goes when you pay us Commissions.

Calculate Your Commissions

The trading commissions we charge depends on several factors, including the markets you trade, the platform you wish to trade on and the volume you trade. We have no minimum volume requirements in order to qualify for our futures trading commissions. Please use our Interactive Commissions Calculator below to find out how much you save.

We are aware that some traders fall outside of the norm and we will offer you a customized commission quote based on your specific needs. Feel free to contact us at gonadotropic to tell us more about your trading experience, your platform of choice, the amount you wish to invest, the instruments you wish to trade as well as your trading style.

Explore Commission Rates

GET STARTED by selecting the Futures symbols you are interested in with the selector tool displayed below. Simply click the desired instruments in the left side box to add it to your quote. Successfully added instruments will appear in the right hand box.

AFTER SELECTING YOUR INSTRUMENTS please fill out the remaining details below to help us in locating our lowest rate available for your trading requirements.

If you are interested in how these options factor into your commissions feel free to learn more through the references to the right.

Trade Futures Around the World!

Our Commissions Calculator allows you choose multiple instruments that you intend to trade. Once you select all the necessary inputs including initial deposit, data feed, platform, trading volume and FCM, it will generate a commissions quote for all your instruments. Please note that different instruments may entail different costs depending on the Exchange prices. You can instantly see the impact that trading certain instruments can have on your bottom line. You can choose different combinations of feeds, platforms, FCM’s etc to reduce your cost. Go ahead, play with it.

Start Somewhere. Just Start.

Our lowest level of funding is $2,500 for those who just want to get their feet wet and try our services. However, you should also see if a higher level of funding of your risk capital will allow you to achieve lower level of commissions.

Trading More? Pay Less. Simple. 

Not sure how much you trade? That is fine.

Here are some guide lines:

Typical day trader trade about 1% (sometimes less) as a percentage of his/her account. For example, if you start with $5,000, you would trade up to 50 Round Turns (100 sides) per month. More experienced and successful traders crank up higher numbers but you should trade at your own pace. Do not trade more just to archive lower commissions. Methodology is more important than anything when you trade.

If we don't have your platform, you don't need it. 

Most trading platforms perform basic trading functions that most traders look for. If you are a beginner trader, go with one of the free platforms. If there are specific features you after, explore what platforms may have them. There are platforms that have "addons" while others provide the same feature as far as their natives features.Don't buy into more "magical" indicators, they will not make you a better trader and will not grow your account.

3 Ps. Progressive, Progressive and Progressive.

Don't take stability, speed and accuracy of data for granted. Whether it’s our technology partners or FCM’s, we only work with those who have shown commitment to service customers at the highest level of excellence. With Optimus Futures you can potentially find your perfect combination of technology and the clearing merchant that holds your funds.