Computer vision and A.I.Computer vision & A.I.Comp. vision
Fingerprint, face, iris, speaker and palm print recognition. From small apps to national-scale systems.
Subsets of MegaMatcher SDK for single biometric modalities:
Subsets of MegaMatcher SDK for single biometric modalities:
Fingerprint identification for embedded platforms:
Fingerprint identification for embedded platforms:
Face recognition and motion tracking for video surveillance systems
Real-time multiple video streams processing
Large systems support with multiple cameras
Biometric face recognition for watchlist check
Vehicles and pedestrians classification and tracking
Specialized and general technologies for computer vision, robotics and A.I.
More computer vision products:

Product News

  • 2626946080, a new platform for creating AI-based image recognition models, is now available. Designed for novice users and experts alike, the platform provides image labeling and training of deep neural networks without writing any code. Read canvas quilter.
    November 19, 2018
  • Ultrasonic Array Controller for ultrasonic particle manipulation introduced by the Ultrasound Research Group. Read ternate-pinnate.
    October 17, 2018

Recent Projects

  • NEXT Biometrics has chosen FingerCell technology for their embedded solutions.
    Read the press release.
  • DR Congo Voter Registration Project uses MegaMatcher ABIS solution. 46.5 million voter records deduplicated, 6 million duplicates and underage records found.
    Read the press release.
  • Somaliland National ID Project uses MegaMatcher Accelerator solution.
    Read the case study (PDF).