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Public holidays 2018 in Singapore


We all love long weekends and public holidays; And if we get Pre-announcements of the holidays, it would be a bunch of joy. In this way, we can plan our family trips and business schedules. Singapore is the country where balancing work and personal life is a priority. And that’s why there are rare cases of career change as compared to other countries. The government has a good policy for work-life balance in the form of public holidays.


The ministry of the workforce in Singapore has released the complete list of public holidays. Here are the details for the Public holiday 2018 in Singapore.


  • Singapore all public holiday 2018 dates
  • Long weekends holiday in Singapore 2018
  • Working days in Singapore 2018
  • Singapore day numbers 2018
  • Singapore week numbers 2018


Singapore public holiday dates 2018

In 2018, there were 11 public holidays and 53 weeks. The list of all federal holidays and their details are here:

Holiday Date Day Week
New year day Jan 1, 2018 Monday Week 1
Chinese new year Feb 13, 2018 Friday Week 7
Chinese new year (2nd day) Feb 17, 2018 Saturday Week 7
Good Friday March 30, 2018 Friday Week 13
Labour Day May 1, 2018 Tuesday Week 18
Vesak Day May 29, 2018 Tuesday Week 22
Hari Raya Puasa June 15, 2018 Friday Week 24
National Day August 9, 2018 Thursday Week 32
Hari Raya Haji August 22, 2018 Wednesday Week 34
Deepavali Nov 6, 2018 Tuesday Week 45
Christmas day Dec 25, 2018 Tuesday Week 52


Singapore school holiday dates 2018

The school year for 2018 started from Jan 2, on Tuesday, and ended on Nov 16, 2018.

Holiday Date Day
Youth Day July 1, 2018 Sunday
After national Day August 31, 2018 Friday
Teachers Day August 10, 2018 Friday
Children Day Oct 5, 2018 Friday


On July 2, 2018, there was a scheduled school holiday. It was for primary schools and primary sections only.

Long weekend’s dates of 2018

Holiday Date Day
Youth Day 30 Dec – 1 Jan 2018 Saturday to Monday
After national Day 16 Feb – 18 Feb 2018 Friday to Sunday
Teachers Day 30 Mar – 1 Apr 2018 Friday to Sunday
Children Day 15 Jun – 17 Jun 2018 Friday to Sunday


Well, there is not a bumper crop of long weekends, though. But there are still ways to stretch the idea that we are going to get the four more long weekends.

You can get five more long weekends. Just take one day leave around Labor Day in the last of April or the start of May. On a national day in August, Deepavali in November, and Christmas day in December.

You can also take 1 or 2 leaves in July on Monday in celebration of youth day. Another leave you can make is on 5 October (Friday) for children’s day. You will get three days of the weekend with your kids.

As compared to Job holders, kids can get an extra day off smoothly after the national day from school. In this way, you can enjoy the fantastic four day long weekends with your family in august.


Other important things


  • That list is available on the official website of the ministry of manpower. You can check it from there.
  • According to the employment act: The employee who is working on a public holiday will get a 1-day salary. Or the employee or employer can agree to substitute the holiday on another working day.
  • The employee has the further option of time-off-in-lieu for working on a public holiday. The time off should consist of an agreed number of periods.


You can go to the MOM (Ministry of manpower) website for more information.


Business-related concerns during public holidays


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For other people in Singapore, there are much smoother options. Like you can settle and look for how to get PR in Singapore? You can use this time productively and put in place your ideas and plans.

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