Updated : Oct 26, 2020 in Business

The Bottom Line About Web Page Ranking and Internet Advertising

I have literally spent thousand of hours on the internet through the years trying to promote various websites using different strategies and online marketing techniques. I designed websites for clients aiming at a simple and easy way of 웹하드순위 listing their ideas on web pages and promoted their businesses online. Because the internet can be a confusing place, usually overfilled with opposing points of view, I have decided to write an article about internet advertising to save you from getting into the pitfalls many people find themselves in when trying to draw traffic to their websites.

Many companies guaranty that they will place your website in the top ten on all the major search engines. They may actually accomplish this goal. But what they do not tell you is that many of them choose the key search words that are not used by most websites in your category so that they can place your site in the top ten on the search engines for those keywords. What this means in simple words is that customers will most likely never enter in those keywords and will most likely never see your website. It is a fact that if you sell cars, for example, that your site will likely never be in the top ten or even the top 100 for the keyword “car”. Too many huge companies which have been around for a lot longer dominate the internet for that keyword.

There are millions of search engine optimization companies out there today. Every one of them claims that they can place your website in the top ten in the major search engines. Picture this example:


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