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Do what's directed in the prospectus.


He was working at the office yesterday evening.

Jayesh went upstairs to the attic.

I have other things to deal with.


I'm sorry to bother you about this at work.

Pete terrified Curt.

The country fell into the invader's hand.

I've always had trouble pronouncing that word.

The judges could see no clear winner in the match and decided to declare it a draw.


Price and Celia were plotting to kill Naomi's father for the life insurance.

King size beds are really big.

I know that he reads.

He never wrote me back.

Hello. How can I be of service?

Today was still tomorrow yesterday, but today will be yesterday tomorrow.

French people don't think of anything as impossible.


This problem is beyond my powers.


The students must not enter the teachers' room this week.

They gave us a hearty welcome when we arrived.

This is only a prototype.


I'll miss you while you're gone.

He returned home from Europe in 1941, when the war broke out.

I said I think I found something.

I was worried you wouldn't come.

Have you been invited to their wedding?

He went off with his tail between his legs.

He lost his temper with me.

I didn't take part in the conversation.

We're reading.

I remember her.

You really should've phoned ahead.

I asked her if she had been to Mexico.

Herbert will be home by midnight.

I'm sure I can help you.

He is a mathematical genius.


Sridhar has a pacemaker.

Aimee was the one who suggested that.

If you had only listened to me, none of this would have happened.

He turned on the faucet and a jet of water came out.

Dan was worried about Linda's state of mind.

His ideas are crazy.

To the same tune of warmongers dances an English Weismannist-Morganist called Faucet, who said that if no form of birth control was introduced, humanity was left a sole remedy only - "to appeal to the ancient trinity: war, disease and hunger."

Laurianne is just a business associate.

She made her mother happy.

Dan had a rocky relationship with Linda.

Hi, how're you doing?

Everyone in the room looked in Murray's direction.

She cut the apple with a knife.

Dan waited outside the closed door.

And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in America. The heartache and the hope, the struggle and the progress. The times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that American creed: Yes, we can.

Some people are nicer than others.

I didn't mean to offend you.

Agriculture is an important industry in California.

Hwa is going to be coming here later this afternoon.

I didn't go dancing on the ice exactly once.

Go ask your father.

We are assembling the engine.

Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

Bret got there long after we did.

Will he come home soon?

I can't wait to tell Barry about this.

Tyler is honest, so I like him.


Lost time is never found again.

This dog has a keen sense of smell.

Lonhyn reported his car stolen.

Let's not even think about it.

Two men had their arms severed in Taiwan after a tug-of-war accident.

As you can see for yourselves, nothing has changed in this town after all these years.

Everyone knew everyone else.

Stuart called me last night from Boston.

I don't feel safe walking in that neighborhood at night.

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I have lots of ideas.

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That is a very reasonable thing to say.

The little girl opened the window.

She was ironing her dress.


Do no harm to others.

If you keep on complaining, I will get mad for real.

I may not make it to your party.

Don't try to do all these things at once.

My vet told me to feed my dog in the evening.

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I just need to rest.


I want them fired.


Give me back my wallet.

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The bus ride made her feel so sick that she began to vomit.

I'm going to need a bigger room.

"What do you want?" "I want a dog."

Jon and Mitchell were having coffee together out on the porch.

This house is uninhabitable.

We parted, never to see each other again.

It isn't worth it!


The girl that works at the bakery is cute.


Nichael isn't thinking straight.

She sent him a long letter.

Billie invited me over for dinner.

His eyes caught hers.

I have seen nothing of her lately.


What is the first novel that was written in Japanese?


Many people shop here.

I am a banana.

It isn't optional.


I wonder if he still likes Arne.

Hohn was the first person to tell me that.

You need to teach her a lesson!

Marcel and Sabrina both had new bicycles.

He sleeps with his shoes on.

She quit her job for some reason.

Vijay accidentally cut his hand when he was slicing carrots.

Did you buy a washing machine?

Shares of these companies were sold to the public.

The television is making a hissing noise.

Rogue is really cool, isn't he?

You can tell by her intonation that she lived in a Spanish speaking country when she was young.

Klaudia would like her house cleaned three times a week.

You should make sure your children are eating enough.

This took place on the following day.

I am dying to be with you.

He looked blank when he heard the announcement of his promotion.

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This is the dilemma.

Laura asked Lonhyn what kind of movies she liked to watch.

It is challenging and I am learning a lot.

Which train takes me to downtown?

I feel as though I've committed rape, although I know that that makes no sense.

Cristina looked Theo in the eyes.

The pupils are looking forward to the upcoming excursion.

Vassos is married to a foreigner.

I suppose an explanation is called for.

I didn't think that you could do that.

I'm thinking the same thing.


The problem is that we don't have enough money.


You can certainly rely on him.

If I were rich, I would do so. As it is, I can do nothing.

Santa saw Ravindranath getting ready to leave.


What kind of movie is it? Is it popular?

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Rodger misled me.

Within two short years, he went from being a puny child to a tall young man.

I can't stop you from revealing my secrets. However, I beg you not to.

Lynne smiled when you said that.

I apologize for the delay in sending the agenda.

We're powerful.

It was very mysterious.


I like having friends in every country.


"Duke Onkled, it's tax season! You are under a ton of taxes!" "Don't hurt me, taxes! Please! I'll pay you this key!" "Acceptable enough. Now go away!"

What are you carrying?

Let's properly celebrate my last exam.


I know how hard it's been.


That guitar is too expensive for me to buy.


That's not acceptable to me.

It is worthwhile remembering the moral.

That's a complicated question.


"Sauna" is one of the few widely used words that have been borrowed from Finnish.

You've overdone it.

I've always liked you.

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In Hokkaido, they make horses of straw.

Lorraine is on both the swim team and the track team.

He is a very modest man.

You guys get the best shots.

How many minorities live in Russia?


If you have something to say, say it to my face.

Syun and Marian had an arranged marriage.

What a headache!

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I got back from Europe in September.

I knew I had to tell him the truth, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

There is a custom of eating buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve in Japan.

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What do you think is the most popular sport in Japan?