The Theme for 3rd National Annual Conference is "Measurable Impacts of Behavioural Based Safety Implementation in Indian Industry" The 3rd Annual Conference 2019, Co-organized by the Forum of Behavioural Safety (BESAFE) PHD Chambers of commerce and industry, Indo-American Chambers of commerce and industry and Visionosh. Our Chief Patron: Dr. Avineesh Singh, DGFASLI Mumbai. The 3rd National Annual Conference 2019 will be held on 28th January 2019 at PHD Chamber of commerce Delhi.

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"BESAFE" offers comprehensive training and consulting services with customised process designed through its proven BBS concepts to meet unique goals. Forum of Behavioural Safety "BESAFE" has initiated the mission of "Zero Harm" and planning to implement it Nationwide with the tag line "Bharat Bane Surakshit". It is major challenge for us "especially organizations" to ensure "Zero Harm to People, Plant, Property & Planet". BESAFE would help through its customised process designed through its proven Behaviour Based Safety concepts to create "Zero Harm Culture". It is the tool that can transform company's safety performance from flat to fantastic.BBS is a systematic approach to motivate safe behaviours that influences organizational systems,8083325122

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