Machine Learning Project Respository

by Mohsin Khan

This site provides an interactive front-end for Machine Learning products and demos which I have developed.
Most projects are interactive and open-source, for full source code and documentation please see my Github page.

See the below list for Machine Learning applications which you can interact and experiment with.
If you would like to explore the code in your own development environment, you can download the back-end source code for these projects.

Available Projects

An image recognition SVM which classifies handwriting samples.
A shallow Neural Network which processes discrete features for classification. This example looks at benign vs malignant tumor cells. (Interactive model coming soon)

Coming Soon

A motorized rover networked to a deep learing neural network. It compiles sensor/collision data and learns how to navigate a 3D space on a 2D plane.
A neural network which takes serveral features as inputs and predicts if an individual is likely healthy vs unhealthy. It further classifies individuals as "at-risk" for health concerns given a pre-defined time period (hyper-paramter in the model).
Based on monthly income/expenses, this deep learning algorithm computes new values for monthly expenses to improve financial stability and sustainability.
Control a 3D simulation that reacts and learns from what you do! Powered by the Unity Engine.
A machine learning algorithm which queries an input sound file and classifies the source of the audio (nature sounds, city traffic, construction, etc. )
Taking "event", "duration", and "location" as features, this Machine Learning Algorithm generates an optimized agenda/timetable.