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Why Automatic Translators Should Not Be Depended on 100 Percent

Online automatic translators translate word for word a lot of the time. And if you have ever taken a language course, you know that sentence structure differs from language to language, therefore, word-for-word translations are seldom correct. Although, they may be able to translate “manzana verde” to “green apple” correctly, they fall short if translations get just a bit more complicated. Take a look at this Spanish to English translation of a segment of a children’s short story:

Originally written in Spanish:

Había una vez una niña chiquita llamada Natalie. Solo tenía tres 텐가 años, y todo el mundo que la veía, se caía enamorada de ella. Un día, su madre afectuosa la llevó de compras para comprarle unas pijamas nuevas. ¡Sin embargo, mientras que estaban en la tienda, Natalie vio su amor verdadero, una muñeca! No dejó que su madre le comprara las pijamas nuevas, diciendo que ya tenía unas en la casa de su abuela.

Automatic translation to English:

There was once a very small girl called Natalie. Only it was three years old, and everybody saw that it, fell enamored with her. A day, her mother took affectionate it of purchases to buy new pajamas to him. Nevertheless, whereas they were in the store, Natalie saw its true love, a wrist! It did not leave his mother bought the new pajamas to him, saying that already she had in the house of his grandmother.


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