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You're acting like a fool.


The sun's glare is strong today.

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Is someone in there?

He has a negative attitude to everything.

I love this picture.

Johan and I'll always be friends.

Mom, can you give me money to buy candy?

Pria thought where he put his gold coins was the perfect hiding place. However, he was wrong.

It isn't me Trying has a problem with.

He had a queer expression on his face.

I prefer to be hanged rather than being shot.

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I must admit that I snore.

Stop daydreaming.

The sun was on the point of rising in the east.

I thought you wanted to eat at that Chinese restaurant on Park Street.

Kelvin salted his egg.


What you've just told me chimes in with what I heard yesterday.


It was pitch black outside.

I can give you the starlight and a cup of tea.

What's the difference between a star and a planet?

Get out of here and don't ever come back!

Take them to the hospital.

The snowplow cleared the snow from the street.

Tell us about him.

Is there nothing they can do?

Do you have something you'd like to tell me?

What makes you think Will won't like Rajendra?

I know it very well.


It made a difference.

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Dense bushes concealed him.

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You know how important you are to me.


I understand your problem.

Differences are discussed frankly.

Look at the picture on the wall.

Louiqa didn't intend to harm anybody.

England and Scotland were unified on May 1, 1707, to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.

How does this camera work?

He won't be in time for the meeting.

There's a trap against Joe.

Your birthday is coming soon.


You should let it go.

Weekdays Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What Jinchao did was stupid.


It was a cold night.

The wind blew too hard for them to play in the park.


There is no pleasure without pain.

We must help each other, it's nature's law.

We could've helped you.

Could you please get me a taxi?

If I don't drink a swig of water, I can't swallow these tablets.

He looks haggard.


You were sick.


Handball is a very popular sport in Denmark.

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This meal is adequate for two.

My mailbox has been empty since last month.

That would be normal.

Then what's the problem?

I want to learn English.

Eh? Hundreds of thousands of Yen plus betrothal gifts?

How was the flight?

Giant snails have invaded Florida.

How would you translate it?

They didn't speak English very well.

My girl loved that sparrow more than her own eyes.

The police looked into that incident.

That man has a foul mouth.

Father made a long tear in his sleeve.

You can tell her not to worry.

That's probably not good.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this.

It's doubtful if we'll finish in time for Christmas.

We live together.

Jim is on bad terms with his classmates.

I bid you greetings.

We prefer patients who can't talk.

Do you have bread for lunch?


That can happen sometimes.

Don't shout at me.

You need to stop posting private photos on Facebook.

I'm not convinced that Michel is telling the truth.

I think Claire will be OK.

Who is the man at the other side of the table?

Aged people like to keep the world the way it is. On the other hand young people love to change the world.

He left on time.

We were just going to get to know each other.

Keep track of your finances.

Sehyo rinsed out his mug and then refilled it with coffee.

She approached him with a smile on her face.

He's semicute.

My brother is evil.

The situation is very serious.

Don't waste your breath on Presley.

That helped him a lot.

I don't appreciate being interrupted.

Did you buy this for him?

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I really don't understand what's up with her.

It was a brief journey.

The passed one test, but failed the other.

I guess my job is pretty undramatic.

Almost everyone I know wants to go to tomorrow's concert.


Dewey was dating a younger man.

The German word "Verschlimmbesserung" stands for a supposed improvement that makes things worse.

There is not one of us who does not want to help you.


Michiel is definitely the person who should be doing this instead of me.

I have a private teacher.

Don't leave me alone with them.


The examinations are all over.

Mario has made the team.

You need to listen.

The Southwest is the hottest and driest region in the United States. Climate changes pose challenges for an already parched region that is expected to get hotter and, in its southern half, significantly drier. Increased heat and changes to rain and snowpack will send ripple effects throughout the region and its critical agriculture sector.

That's quite new.

I don't feel right about not telling her.

How many temples are there on this island?

Please turn left at the first corner.

I caught a glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the window of the train.

The richer he became, the more he wanted.

Are you a member of this crew?

Brett asked Nichael who had given her the picture.

That will give you a vivid impression.

She lost her temper and shouted at me.

Does Elijah like swimming?

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I assume you found her.

The attitude holds good in such a situation.

Although my car is very old, it still runs very well.

I shook my head.

I turned off the tap.

I think welfare isn't enough to go around.

Get to work!

The average American living space is twice as large as the living space in Japan.

I expect him to come.


I can't show you.

It is generally believed that a trip to the moon will be made possible during this century.

Roman is an American of German descent.


Did you tell Judith how good the cake was?

Louise didn't even see Bobbie.

Do you have any change?


You were spectacular.

Uri has put a cover on the pot.

I don't know if she will come or not.

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We have to take the stairs.

There's really no need for you to do that.

I wish I had enough money to buy the car.


We've had a lot of practice.


We need to see each other more often.

Graham has always been poor.

I thought it would make you laugh.

Kurt had an early breakfast.

Can I see that one?


This song sounds sad.


Have the police questioned you yet?

When he lost his watch he didn't seem to care.

It wasn't important to me.


It seems that the pills I took earlier were effective.


Wayne is a straight guy.

The dictator oppressed the people.

Giles and Laurel are sitting together.

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Allan was still a bachelor at that time.

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He's so deep in debt that he has to get money from one person to cover his other debts.

She likes snow.

Beckie went to the university's open day.

Joachim didn't want Vernon to talk to John.

I need someone to call me a cab.


I almost told Cyrus what you told me not to tell him.

Pierce majored in child psychology.

There is such a thing as female circumcision.