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About our Fund

NinetyNine Fund

The NINETYNINE FUND SLP is a Luxembourg investment Fund organized as an alternative investment fund (AIF) in the form of a Special Limited Partnership (société en commandite special-SCSp), in accordance with the Luxembourg Law.

The Fund has as investment objective to provide Shareholders with a favourable rate of return, while controlling risk and to achieve long term capital growth and/or income from investment through Securities.

Controlled, Dynamic, Liquid

We operate on the Fund with an innovative and active approach, constantly monitoring our trends. Here are some features that differentiate us from other funds on the market:

  • Our proprietary trading system is highly dynamic, we can interact with the system itself at any time.
  • Our dynamic strategy allows us to invest only a part of the total liquidity of the fund.
  • We always have a high level of liquidity available (average 60%). This is one of our greatest strengths.
  • The average time spent on the market during opening hours is 25% of total time.
  • Total independence from the common market. It does not matter if it is bearish or bullish!

Who We Are

Equi Capital Market

General Partner

EQUI CAPITAL MARKET Sarl is a company specialized in advisory services and securitization of assets, financial and not, especially debt securities, active on the European financial markets as a securitization platform for a variety of alternative investments for both institutional and professional investors as well as private investors.

The company is a genuinely independent structure established in May 2015 with the purpose to manage all types of securitization company or fund, as well as for providing any ancillary financial service and advice. Our independence allows flexibility, agile decision-making and the possibility to co-operate with a broad network of business partners.

99 Investing

Investment Advisor

99 Investing S.r.l. is a company that operates as advisory services for its clients. Our strength lies in the professionalism and proven knowledge of the financial, administrative, commercial and IT world.

99 Investing created the "99 System" that is composed by trading systems, management softwares, control and operating softwares able to generate positive returns on capital invested in all market conditions. The "99 System" is developed, managed, controlled by programmers and professional traders. We strongly believe in innovation but we always put people at first place. Innovation and originality are our two fundamental characteristics.