The boy speaking French is Casper.

Many fans are gathering in front of the singer's car.

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You started it.

They didn't find me.

Harbin is very cold.

Sally Ride attended Stanford University where she earned four degrees.

Are you eating the cheesecake without me?

Ernest is very obese.

There's a lot of wind this morning, isn't there?


I wouldn't be caught dead buying something like this.

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Did you go to Rome during your travels?

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The mother sponged her sick child's face.

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The postman is cute.

None of my friends speak French.

Hold the line. I'll see if he is in.


We followed him.


Cows are eating grass in the meadow.


I love what I'm doing right now.

Choose whichever you like.

They left together.

A vegan is someone who is concerned about the welfare and continued existence of all living beings, and is NOT just someone who doesn't consume animal products.

I'm going inside.

They made money by selling drugs into the huge market.

She told me the wrong address on purpose.


Spyros nodded knowingly.

I was completely stunned.

I just didn't believe what Frederick said.

I'm ready for her now.

We demanded that she should make up for the loss.


Do you go to church every Sunday?

Do you see something?

Hank has been a probation officer in Boston for more than 30 years.

We have a lot of ground to cover.

Sanity had not liked being a supply teacher; students would often cut up and play baffling tricks.

Monica drinks beer.

I'll introduce you to him.

Tai tried to remain calm.

Where did you take your pants off?


The pain of having lost his family drove him to suicide.

The hall was filled with students, many of whom were girls.

We didn't stand a chance.

He knows no fear.

I want to rent this room to a student.

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I refuse to help.


The gym is across from the home store.

Where are we going next?

We'll visit Boston tomorrow.

She is on friendly terms with him.

He's antisocial.


Is Tim with you now?

He has worked for the welfare of his people for 30 years.

Give me time to think it over.

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Everyone says I was very brave, but I just did my work.

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You can't leave yet, Anton.

Sonny drank too much at the party last night.

They're not rocks. They're minerals.


The boat was off balance because it was overloaded.

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He has been going with her for almost two years now.

I was dreaming about Butler.

They welcomed me warmly, so I felt at home.

Will it be fine tomorrow?

It was cruel.


The murder weapon wasn't found.

Many children die of starvation in Africa.

It's more than a coincidence.

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Liz followed behind Heinz.

Why didn't you just punch him?

Everett spent a couple of hours chinwagging with her neighbour over the fence.

As a devoted father, Bele escorts his son to school every day.

I thought Will would make snacks for us.

Whether he studies or goes into business, I won't stop him.

The photograph was falsified.

Someone has to help me.

I just told her we're dating.

So what are your plans?

They painted the wall white.

He teaches Arabic.

I suggested that to them.

Rogue didn't go yesterday.

I want to buy a new guitar case.


Do you know where that happened?

I will follow Hsi.

Do you have a recent photo of yourself?

In fact, a group of their ancestors peopled a continent on the planet Earth about 250 000 of your Earth years ago.

The children returned home at dusk.

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Patricio takes care of himself.

Police failed to produce physical evidence.

This word is of Latin descent.

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He is a person of importance.


Ellen didn't clean the kitchen.

Ginny and Jeffery got married three months later.

She's had a hard life.

The concert will take place next Sunday.

It'll be summer vacation soon.


The train connections at this station are excellent.


A curfew was imposed on the city.


Randal had a conversation with Cyrus.

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You might see Van there.

Timo has been asking for you.

You're safer where you are.


Dory never mentioned he had a sister.

She's a man now.

A sober-minded man adapts himself to outward things; a reckless man tries to adapt outward things to himself. That's why progress depends on reckless people.

It will be interesting to see whether this weather continues.

I know it's none of my business.

At last, he gained his ends.

On weekends, I take my dogs out for a long walk in the park.

Marlena had lamb chops, potatoes and mushroom soup for dinner.

Archeology is a science that studies the activities of human beings and their changes through the study of the traces left by them.

His knowledge of Russian can, to be polite, still be improved.

Shut up and kiss me.

She continued her job in the bank.

Gerard began working.

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Is it a good change?

He flinches whenever he hears a loud, sudden noise.

Floria was in an exultant mood after her great exam results.

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Our parents adored me.

You may take either of the two books.

What's he hiding?

I assume you haven't seen Roxanne this morning.

I don't find him in the telephone directory.

He was a wonderful man.

I'm not a big letter writer.


I do not want to exert myself in vain.

That was legitimate.

We'll finish this later.


The children were walking along, singing a song.


The principal presented each of the graduates with diploma.

"You've fallen asleep. Good. I am now going to leave you all alone in the dark while I go out and get drunk." "You are a terrible person." "Gosh! You're still awake." "I stick my tongue out at you as a gesture of defiance. Now continue with the bloody story. If you omit even the tiniest and most insignificant of details, you will return here tomorrow to find these walls covered in excrement. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "Shut up and listen."

I don't like Nguyen and I don't trust him.

I've just been punished.

The only thing worse than an idiot is a zealous idiot.

Can someone explain how this always happens?

Watch your step in dark alleys.

He who walks the straight and narrow path must resist temptations of all sorts.

And who is this guest standing next to the piano?

Julie and Keith survived the attack.

When I turned the screw, water burst out.

Strive for profit above all.

Be right there.

I still remember his name.

I thought Vivek resigned.


Are you sure that's Carsten?

With whom did you go?

What does Akina have on?

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I smoked one.


Can you trust Sekar?

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Today's my lucky day.


How do you know I'm going out with Frances?


The forest path was completely covered with snow.

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I think I should see a doctor.


I'm not ready to have kids yet.

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Are you sure you have to renew your passport this year?

I think it's doable.

Sue kept his illness a secret.

There's a lot left to be done.

Don't toy with her affections.