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A True Disney Story

From the time he was born in 1901 to the time he died in 1966 Walt Disney lived in a world of fantasy. The rest of the world was lucky enough to be able to Orlando share Disney’s fantasy which still lives today.

Walt Disney got his start in high school. He was the cartoonist for the high school paper. In 1919 he moved to Kansas City set on having an artistic career. He got a temporary job at an ad company and met a man that would become a very close friend and a partner in later endeavors, Ubbe Iwerks.

Together Disney and Iwerks went on to create their own studio, Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists. While it didn’t last for very long, it was Walt’s first experience in creating his own company. While working a temporary job at another company he learned about cutout animation and decided to be an animator. This was the beginning of what would go on to become the Walt Disney Company, a huge media conglomerate.

Disney’s first venture into cel animation production was called Laugh-O-Grams. They were shown in a small local movie theater. They went on to become hugely popular. Laugh-O-Grams studio was very popular and Disney hired many other animators to work with him. Unable to manage money well the company went broke.

After Laugh-O-Grams shut down Walt Disney, along with his brother Roy O. Disney, went west to Hollywood to seek their fortunes.

Once in Hollywood, the Disney brothers started a new studio and started producing new shorts. They were the Alice’s Wonderland series. They were a live-action/animated set of shorts. These movies were the basis of the Disney Brothers’ Studio. It was in 1925 that he hired an animator named Lillian Bounds who became his wife.


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